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David Shurtleff (aka David Floyd)
Garett Gordon

Luxsauna: My sales person Garett Gordon informed me that after paying $1595 for my sauna, that if I was dissatisfied, I had a money back guarantee. After returning the damaged sauna, the second one still didn't work. To my suprise, after deciding I had enough, LuxSauna and Garett informed me that I could return the sauna. Here is the catch - and let the buyer definitely beware of this one: I had to pay to ship the sauna back and the fine print buried in the web site states a 25% restocking fee.

So, the money back guarantee offered by luxsauna is - You will still pay approximately 30% of the total cost even if you decide you don't want the sauna.
Should you decide to call customer service - Good luck. They very rarely answer the phone.
David Shurtleff the owner who uses the name David Floyd will certainly be of no value should you have a problem.
As for Garett Gordon - he is just a liar from the get-go.
I would encourage two things:
1. Read all the available rip-off posts about this company.
2. Buy from Sunlight or some other company who believes in integrity and customer service.
One positive note: Dave Hasty at the warehouse was most helpful, at least as much as he could be in this situation.

The delivery team that attempted to assemble the LuxSauna, were not as ###ed as they appeared, i just think they had a hard time reading CHINEESE. It was frustrating, but quite the site to watch.

The plug at the end of the cord was a 20 amp plug, a fact that Garett Gordon failed to mention. Not only that, it did'nt even reach the outlet.

All in all, this was a very disappointing experience and I wished I would have done a bit more homework.

Later I found out that the company was in some sort of bankruptcy proceedings. Who knows on this one...

Do your homework before buying a LuxSauna.

Good Luck
Caveat Emptor

Feeling Scammed

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Money Back Guarantee

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  • Be
    Be Aware People1 Oct 06, 2015

    check out formally Lux sauna tried to fix my sauna but finding that its the same people that I got my original sauna from
    bad business!!!

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  • Th
    The Consumer From Hell Jul 06, 2012


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  • Th
    The Consumer From Hell Jul 06, 2012

    This last story dated June 19th, 2012 sounds something like what has happened and what continues to happen as I type this. Some of it even more baffling. But, it's late and I am turning in for the evening. I think I'll expound on this another day as I am going to give these "Stooges" a last chance to somewhat correct my issues after the July 4th week and weekend comes to an end...maybe that's why they have not returned my emails this past week and my 3 calls on Friday July 6th (they must be ALL out celebrating the holiday...although their answering machine says they're away from the phone and will get right back with you! ???)

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  • On
    one more lesson Jun 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i purchased my luxsauna with great expectations of reliable service and a tremendous product. sauna number one was on its' way to a wrong state. when concerned with the length of time on the delivery, the mistake was found and a new one sent. low and behold, the wrong sauna was sent. imagine that. also, the product was damaged in shipping. i repeatedly called and could not reach anyone or anything but an answering machine. the sauna was already spread across my living room in "not ordered" pieces, so we put it together and figured we would work something out with the company. oh boy, what a fool i am. i reached dave, the head guy (i am told). he promised me the moon and then some. he was going to send me all the missing extras and several bonuses for my inconvenience worth a fortune. also, they would make the damage right. what more could i ask for??? i was extremely satisfied AT THE TIME. you know if something sounds too perfect, it generally isn't.. after 3 more calls, my wonderful products were sent. i felt like i had walked into a chinese dollar store. no directions i could understand, more missing parts and definately no value. one item that i was told had a value of $269, was on the internet for 49.95. again, 8 more phone calls and no help. john, the customer service guy, worked diligently to try and help, but no help came. i still have a lesser product with damage, no oxygenizer and several other problems. the discount for the damage never came, the parts never came and my satifaction never came. overall, i feel extremely gullible. i did nothing wrong other than to trust that a corporation would keep their word and have enough inegrity to take care of the customer. i can honestly say that i have never had a worse experience. feel like i dealt with the danny devito character from "matilda".
    my careful and consider other options. there is no customer SERVICE once you pay for the sauna. you are on your own.

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  • Ai
    aislan May 08, 2010

    After about 9 months it started taking my Lux Sauna 3 times the amount of time to heat up to 136 degrees as it did when I first got it. I was unable to reach anyone at the company by phone. Sometimes now the sauna will not heat up past 126 degrees, after taking about 2 1/2 hours to get to that temperature. I still like it because it makes me sweat, but it is inconvenient to plan a session because of how long it takes to heat up--it takes about 2 1/2 hours and after 1 hour the timer goes off, so I have to keep resetting the timer until it is done heating up. Maybe I need a new part, but I can't reach support.

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  • Km
    kmcs Oct 16, 2009

    George Ciminale called me a liar about receiving my 2009 Dual-Lux sauna in 6 days. I don't work for the company and don't know anyone that works for the company. I am a REAL CUSTOMER of Lux Sauna. Maybe some people have had problems with the company, but my experience was positive. But, I always expect the BEST to happen, so it does.

    Here is the email I received moments after placing my order with Luxsauna.

    ========= GENERAL INFORMATION =========

    Merchant : Mpulse Distribution LLC
    Date/Time : 08-Oct-2009 05:01:29 PM
    Transaction ID :

    ========= ORDER INFORMATION =========
    Invoice Number :
    Description : 1 2009 Dual-Lux-2 Sauna

    The following is the truck delivery tracking.

    10/14/2009 9:57:48 AM Delivered
    10/13/2009 12:13:19 AM Arrived at UMATILLA, OR
    10/12/2009 12:04:05 PM Departed SALT LAKE CITY, UT in route to UMATILLA, OR
    10/12/2009 5:42:19 AM Arrived at SALT LAKE CITY, UT
    10/10/2009 12:42:28 AM Departed origin terminal in route to SALT LAKE CITY, UT
    10/9/2009 8:11:14 PM Arrived at origin terminal
    10/9/2009 5:41:50 PM Picked Up in DENVER, CO

    As you can see...6 DAYS!! My husband and I used our new sauna again today and it works great. I am a satisfied customer of LuxSauna and will not be posting again in response to negative, toxic people.

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  • Ge
    george ciminale Oct 16, 2009


    The sauna arrived damaged and with no instructions. After using it four times, three of the pannels stopped working and the company gave us a bunch of #$%$#%$# . In the end they did send some new pannels and of course we paid the shiping.


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  • Km
    kmcs Oct 15, 2009

    I placed an order for my 2009 Dual Lux sauna on 10/8/09 and received it on 10/14/09...that's VERY FAST. My husband and I put it together in less than 60 simple!! I used the sauna for the first time tonight and it worked GREAT!!

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  • Ta
    Tad in New York Sep 07, 2009

    You should call customer service a few times before buying a LuxSauna...see if anybody ever answers the phone...this will give you a good indication as to whether you will ever get any service.
    This company is known industry-wide as having the worst customer service.
    Try [protected] for Viola
    Or [protected] for Garett Gordon

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  • We
    westhedog Aug 31, 2009

    The guy who says he runs a "health institute", must be a Lux employee. If they are made in Japan, then why did I find this listing that they are importing from China:

    The first poster got it right. Cavaet Emptor

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  • Ca
    Caveat emptor2 Aug 30, 2009

    Happy LuxSauna Customer here!


    Cant beat their pricing and quality!

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  • Ca
    Caveat emptor2 Aug 30, 2009

    You people are ###ed - you are buying a health product that you sweat ALL over and YOU DONT WANT TO PAY A FEE TO RETURN IT.


    Sunlight Saunas Return Fees: UP TO 30%. -

    All cancelled or returned Goods shall be subject to: (a) storage fees and costs associated with re-routing the Goods; (b) a handling and restocking fee in the amount of $499 USD for each Signature, $499 USD for each Select.

    West Coast Saunas: UP TO 30% -

    All cancelled or returned goods shall be subject to a) storage fees and costs associated with routing the goods b) handling and restocking fee in the amount of $395.00 USD for each sauna c) all shipping costs to and from the Seller and d) Seller providing a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number.

    Healthmate Saunas: NO RETURNS AFTER 30 DAYS - Very vague - probably VERY EXPENSIVE.

    No return of the goods is permitted without the prior authorization of Seller. All returns are subject to a flat $200 restocking fee, excluding freight. Absolutely no returns are permitted after 30 days from receipt of the ordered goods. Canceling Purchaser is to be held financially responsible for all freight charges involved with the order, including but not limited to the outgoing and return freight, from/to Seller’s warehouse. Purchaser must return the original goods intact with all components (CD Stereo, Remote Control, Instructions, etc.) intact.


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  • Ca
    Caveat emptor2 Aug 30, 2009

    I love my LuxSuana and i got a great deal and the quality is unmatched - I owned a Healthmate and they SUCK - to the poster above: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

    I had to wait almost 2 months for a couch that I bought once and did you see me complaining - no I love it.

    SOME THINGS ARE WORTH WAITING FOR - typical liberal posting - GO PLANT A TREE!

    As far as LuxSauna I have and will still continue to recommend these to ALL my friends and family. Had to wait a little bit but it was worth it.


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  • Kl
    klinfl731 Aug 26, 2009

    LuxSauna Money Back Guarantee - no way...i'm not sure they can deliver a sauna in under 2 months undamaged...I would really like to hear more from people who have had issues with LuxSauna.
    I received this from LuxSauna today: "A Special Offer From LuxSauna"
    You can get a 2009 Dual-Lux (2-Person) saunas at our best price EVER!
    Since summer is quickly coming to an end, we need to clear our warehouse of all our 2009 Dual-Lux's and prepare for the massive onslaught of Fall and Holiday activity - which is explosive especially since our 30 minute TV program will be up and running again starting mid September. When that happens we anticipate the 2009 models will go quick.
    You're one of over 10, 000 people we have contacted today about this news alert for this limited special price before the TV Program starts running.
    *****DONT DO IT*****************
    We've dropped the price down to the unheard of price of$1, 595...That's a $400 off our direct wholesale to the public price of $1, 995.00.

    So If you're quick, use code "END-2" at check out to get the $400 off.

    We will never go back to this low price... and you will never see this (the hottest far infrared sauna in the US) at this price again.

    Remember - you'll immediately start experiencing these unmatched benefits after the first half hour of use: ********IF YOU EVER GET YOUR LUXSAUNA*********
    * Weight loss - (lose up to 10 pounds within a few weeks of use)
    * Skin rejuvenation - (look 10-years younger) like getting a face-lift every day!
    * Burn up to 700 calories - (a significant, healthy cardiovascular workout)
    * Detoxify - Deep cleansing (from the inside out) helps eliminate disease-causing toxins up to 300-500% more toxins released when you sweat in the Luxsauna!
    * Look & feel great, mentally clear and energetic
    * Relaxation...All without lifting a finger!

    Even more relaxing when you discover:
    * The saunas are easy to assemble in half an hour or so...
    * Shipping is FREE within 5-8 days, (Continental US)
    * Includes a Lifetime Warranty!
    * You get a 90-Day Risk Free Trial

    The Dual-Lux is the most powerful and most popular sauna in the United States.

    So it's important. If you're even remotely considering the health benefits of a far infrared LuxSauna for yourself or even as an early gift - then NOW is the time - bar none!!!

    We will NEVER have the Dual-Lux 2-person sauna at this low of a price - EVER AGAIN!
    ******YOU MAY NEVER GET THE DAMN SAUNA**************
    With 7 heaters (2-carbon and 5-ceramic) - more far infrared, therapeutic heat than any sauna on the market - PERIOD!

    Visit our site for details here>


    David Floyd...real name David Shurtleff

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  • Kl
    KL Florida Aug 21, 2009

    LuxSauna Money Back Guarantee...You must be kidding, right? I am an affiliate with this company and have sold many saunas for them... I consider it a good day after 4-5 calls if ANYBODY will even answer the phone. I have never been paid a DIME for any efforts. I do not know much about their Money Back Guarantee, but I do no there is not much of a guarantee if you sell their saunas...Warm Wishes...KL in Florida
    I heard they are still in Bankruptcy - not sure but worth investigating before you expect a money back guarantee to be worth anything.

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  • Wt
    wtd1010 Aug 11, 2009

    Though no longer selling the LuxSauna product line, my customers love their saunas.

    Wayne Davis

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  • Ca
    CaliforniaAlternativeHealth Aug 10, 2009

    Wow, to read your post I am at complete ahhh! I run a major health institute that endorses LuxSauna and this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The quality of the LuxSauna products are amazing for the cost and quality and Garett Gordon, VP of Sales has been not only upfront and honest with us but very willing to bend over back words for all our customers – 32 and counting.

    Think about the logic behind this person making these statements – first they say LuxSauna has no customer service then they say they were able to return the sauna and receive a new one. Without customer service how did this customer return the old sauna and have a new one sent out? Furthermore, we did extensive research on Far Infrared Companies and found LuxSauna had not only the best prices apples to apples but they are a solid ethical company with a GREAT customer service department.

    Made in China Claims – Again this is very far from the truth. We did extensive research and even required LuxSauna to provide in depth information regarding their product manufacturing. Yes! The CD player and some of the wiring comes from China but Garett was correct in saying the HEATERS DO come from Japan, I can provide the actual paperwork proving this and his claims.

    ALL IN ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE! Every one of our customers that have bought a LuxSauna have not only loved the product but were happy they didn’t spend 2-3 TIMES more from companies like Sunlight Saunas for the SAME PRODUCT.

    Major Health Institute in California - thats very satisfied with LuxSauna and Garett Gordon

    PS. It takes a very unethical person to accuse a company and individual of lies and make hurtful claims when they can’t even POST THEIR REAL NAME!

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  • Km
    KM in CA Aug 09, 2009

    Garett Gordon was My Sales Person: Glad to see this post:
    When I ordered my sauna I asked Garett Gordon on the
    phone where was the saunas made, and he said mostly in Japan. I said good because I DID NOT WANT a Chinese sauna. When I saw the cardboard packaging I knew that
    it came from overseas and when I saw the packing list in Chinese I realized that I had been decieved if not outright lied to.
    The sauna had some chips in the base legs that I touched up and it seems to function well. My only complaint is with the misinformation. I really do not like dishonesty.
    LuxSauna - Made in China

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  • Rc
    RC001 Aug 08, 2009

    LuxSauna & LuxSpa
    Return Policy - 90 day, 25% restock fee, (if you received the unit but no longer wish to keep it), plus cost of shipping to and from the customer. A 5% transaction processing fee will be charged for any cancellation that occurs after the day of order whether the order has shipped or not. A Cleaning/Repair fee may also apply. Customer must pay cost of shipping both ways (shipping cost to the shipper and from the shipper - even if there is free shipping)
    LuxSauna & LuxSpa
    This Warranty does not cover shipping charges of replacement parts, if needed. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the LuxSauna and terminates upon transfer of ownership. This warranty is void if the Infrared sauna has been altered, misused or abused. Misuse shall include operation or maintenance of the sauna in deviation to the published instructions.

    LuxSauna shall not be liable for loss of use of the Infrared sauna or other incidental or consequential damages. Under no circumstances shall LuxSauna or any of its representatives be held liable for injury to any persons or damage to any property.


    ATTENTION: Shipping damage must be notated on the Bill of Lading (BOL). LuxSaunaT must be notified of any damage to your sauna within three (3) business day's of signing the BOL. Failure to notify LuxSaunaT within the established time frame will result in the owner taking full responsibility for cost of ALL REPLACEMENT PARTS including shipping and handling fees.

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