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if you thinking of getting wood floor install by The Floor Pro. out of the Lumber Liqidators store.
They need to start checking your installer this company call " The Floor Pro's " are the must none profecional bunch they could not finish the job the conner trim are no even and they install a crack trim and did not let us know, that way with could take back to have it replace
So now I will have to get more trim and get someone real proficional installer to fix the crak installation by arthur Rosian and Nick papaj may be they are learning how to instal wood floor out you the " Lumber Liquidators store". people will think because they coming out you "Lumber Liquidators store " they are pro.
so it to bad the B.B.B. will be getting some of the fotos of the so call installer coming out the " Lumber Liquidators store" but if help some not get the bad experience. may be the
Lumber Liquidators store people will be checking for Quality and Profetional iinstaller. to represents the Lumber Liquidators store.
So if you are in Luz Florida Don, t even talk to the installer Run way. check the fotos of what " The Floor Pro's llc " they say this standar installation and this ok.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 14, 2014 8:12 pm EDT

My costumer ordered base board molding and it was damaged not only one but now twice and the need to refund the money and give here all the product to her name is jo

Jan 06, 2012 2:42 am EST
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After the floor pros (Arthur & son Bob) put the floor down it was late afternoon. The last part of the floor was left with tape, & a heavy box to hold down the last piece put down. The next morning I took a heavy box off a threshold to find it raised & crooked. Also, there were tennis shoe glue marks all over, every inch of the floors. I noticed the highs/lows in the bedroom. I called Arthur, told him about these problems. He gave me the impression that he did not want to come out & fix anything. He did call back & tell me that they would be out to clean up the glue marks, but he was not happy about coming out because it was to far. Arthur sent his son, Bob. I showed Bob, the threshold, he said it was because my tile was not even. I asked if it could be fix, he said no. I show him the highs & lows that I found, he told me its my sub floor. He did attempt to clean the glue marks. When he was about to leave, I said, did you check under the hutch because that was the last portion you did that night. No, he didn't, so we moved the table over. When Bob left I sat down on my sofa, the light was hitting the floor that was under the table before from day one, & now I could see the scratch. Description: 11 inches long, stops abruptly, then starts again 2 1/2 inches up, goes 2 inches long stops abruptly, skips a plank, starts again 2 inches long. The next day I call Arthur, told him that there were still numerous glue marks, I don't like the threshold & there is a scratch. Arthur is angry now, refuses to come out ever again. Even if he did come out he would never fix a scratch because its not covered. Because I disagreed with him, at one point he asked me to pay him $50.00 for gas, he would send someone the clean the glue marks. He told me that his son already told me that the threshold could not be fixed & he would never fix the scratch. I told Arthur the next time he calls me, he had better be making an appointment for HIM to come out & see what I'm taking about. He told me he personally will never come out. That is when I contacted Lumber Liquidators store. They were so kind & got the ball rolling with Arthur. Arthur did keep his promise, he did not come to see for himself. Bob & both the other young men, show up The guys worked all day removing glue marks. I asked Bob again about the threshold, he told me, "I told you that can not be fixed". I asked about the scratch, how are you going to fix this, we have to replace the wood. The extra wood is in the garage, so they will have to come back. Arthur told me that his son sent him a picture of the scratch & told him, I did it. I called Bob out to look at the scratch with me, how does a person or object make a scratch that abruptly stops, starts again 2 inches up & skips a plank. He said maybe your dog? First of all I was told by Lumber Liquidators & Arthur that a dog can't scratch this floor. Now that Arthur has his money, my dog can scratched the floor. A human, object, or dog would make a continuous line, this scratch was in the wood before they put it down, it was late in the evening & its very hard to see until the light hits it just right. After, that I called Lumber Liquidators, again super nice. They said dont worry Arthur will take care of all your concerns, even the scratch. Guess what? After that, the ugly threshold that was unfixable, is FIXED perfectly. Arthur would have had me live with that eye sore for the rest of my life. Shame on him. The guys had to come back again to fix hollow spots & the scratch, which they did. Missed two hollow spots, also he did not fill a hole that he drilled. Arthur's son Bob broke a little something of mine. I would have left this alone but today when I moved the heavy glue jugs from the part of the wood they had to replace (scratch) two planks are to high, you can see it, feel it with you hands & feet, and the dry mop gets stuck on it. I cant believe it! I'm so tired and sad with this whole job. Very unprofessional.

Letter to HSS on 1/5/12
I just wanted to let you know that the, Flooring VIP Express company is the best. Lumber Liquidators

should Never Never ever use The Floor Pros. Honestly they were sloppy and uncaring. They were

get in, get out and good luck. I called Flooring VIP this morning and left her a message expressing my thanks.

The three gentlemen that came out, were super professional. There was a bit of a language thing, but they knew

what perfect meant. Not only was the floor level and beautiful but they cleaned it as they went so there

as not one glue mark, and I didn't even mention the glue problem I had with the floor pros.

So now I really really know that The Floor Pros are the worst...

I wish Lumber Liquidators would have given me the Flooring VIP Express

company in the first place, I'm sure that my bedroom floor would not look the way it does.

I can not tell you how thankful I am for your help. That patch job was a eye sore right in the middle of my room.

I would have regretted getting hard wood floors from Lumber Liquidators for the rest of my life. This is my last home.

I'm going to write a great review under the Flooring VIP website and/or yellow pages add, about them

and Lumber Liquidators coming through at the end.

Aug 17, 2011 10:43 pm EDT
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Oh and the owner of this company is threatening to sue me for my anonymous comment. That should say something else about them. That alone tarnishes ones name, when you cannot deal with a customers dissatisfaction, and them voicing their opinion. You can look up the police report, money did go missing, they were the only ones here. Go ahead sue me for telling others what happened.

Aug 17, 2011 10:32 pm EDT
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Seeing that one has a personal right to complain if they feel that they are wronged, I am going to post a reply to my original complaint, I cannot remove it, I do not have an option to. I am going to say this. I have no conclusive evidence that any of the workers "took" the money that went missing in my house. A police report was filed, it is the company's and workers word against mine. However, I can tell you that I was the only person in the house other than the workers, and I had the money on my person until 1/2 hour before they were done and sometime between the girl scout cookie girl being paid, and me having to pay the workers, the money disappeared. So I am not trying to cause anyone any problems, but the fact of the matter is that said money was never found at my house, in the trash, anywhere. If I don't have it and it was not lost in my house, and there was no one else here that day, than were is the money? It is a mystery. But I still have the right to complain. I am getting letters from the owner stating I must remove my anonymous comment, it is America isn't it? I don't have the right of free speech? I am not defaming the company, I said they did a beautiful job on my floor, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't the biggest heat ache I have every had in my life, close to 1000.00 dollars of my hard earned money that went missing the day THEY were here. I paid them their money, I have the right to be upset and to tell my story to others.

Apr 21, 2011 12:39 am EDT
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Well they did a piss poor job at your house, well they installed my floor it looked great. They did however pocket my 900 bucks that I was going to pay them at the end of the day.
I haven't found any other complaints about them till I read yours.
That and I am bound by a contract to pay them, even though they stole it.
Down right stole it.
That and I have never had people install anything in my house, but do some companies cover your furniture, and stuff so that it isn't all covered in dust? They did nothing but lay the floor. I love the floor, hate the company.
I should have called the police and had them pat the workers down.
I hate them. Then I look online and the company also has another name, or they have changed it. The other name,
Aurthur Rosain is on Angie's list which generally means that a company can be pretty trust worthy. Well I guess I was their first customer that they felt I was whatever enough that they could pocket my money.

Jun 19, 2010 7:16 pm EDT
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Did you get the contractors info from the store you purchased the floor from or did you go through a store promoted installation company?

LL Customer Care _ Response to installation concerns

Installaton is critical and quality contracting work is something best managed onsite by a consumer paying for these services. If you contracted through the HSS program, the installaiton comes with a warranty, so one call to the provider can start you on the road to satisfaction. Some installers are found within the community outside the program and no matter what type of work you have performed we suggest you monitor the quality of the work to make sure you receive the value you expect. If there were product concerns to be addressed we would expect a call to LL Customer Care and the installer in this case should be given an opportunity to correct their work as we agree this is not an example of quality work by a contractor. I've been in touch with HSS to see if the installer is part of their program and they suggest you contact them using the 800 number, or contact LL Customer Care and we will assist you.


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