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Call the Lucas Law Center if you want to save your home. My mortgage kept adjusting until I could no longer afford to make the payment. I tried to work with ASC, my servicing company, on three different occasions. Each time they put me in repayment plans that I could not afford. I was 12 months behind, in foreclosure, and I owed the bank $89, 000. Paul Lucas negotiated with my servicing company and reduced my interest rate from 10.3% to 5%. My delinquent payments were included in the loan modification. I did not have to pay a lump sum to the bank, and saved $800 per month on my mortgage payment. Thanks Paul and everyone at the Lucas Law Center for doing an incredible job.
Wilton and Crystal
Oakland, CA


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      Aug 28, 2009

    This company is a FRAUD! My wife and I went to Lucas Law after we believed we had been taken advantage of by our lender. We were told after numerous discussions with Lucas Law that we had a case against our lender, after they (Lucas Law) determined that there were errors in our original loan agreement.
    We retained their services, sent them massive amounts of paperwork (copies of our loan, income verification, requests for access to our IRS tax returns), and anxioulsy awaited the wheels of progress to start rolling...and waited...and waited. After all the requested documents had been received by them, they said they would notify us once they had heard from our lender, regarding a proposed modification. After over a month of not hearing from them, we called to get an updated status; we were told that they were still waiting to hear back from IndyMac Bank, our lender and that we "needed to be patient, this process can take a while."
    Now, we have received foreclosure notification from our lender and are now faced with having to once again deal with a lender who was reluctant to negotiate with us from the beginning. Additionally, we were just informed that Lucas Law Group is now in receivership and all assets have been frozen, and the Federal Trade Commission has filed suit against them. NEVER FALL FOR ONE OF THESE SCAMS!

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      Sep 03, 2009

    Oh my gosh I have to admit i was soo lucky, i got a refund right before they got shut down. they had my loan for 5 months and they were not getting anywhere so i called another law firm that took my case and served lucas law with a lawsuit and modified my loan by 43% reduction of my payment!! they were very professional and obviously efficient. take my advice... dont work with your lender!!! they are horrible to deal with and only raise the dam payments!! it was the best 4k ive ever spent! heres their number [protected]; ask for Bob he was very professional and never pushy

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      Jun 03, 2016
    Lucas Law Center - Stay away
    Lucas Law Center
    United States

    In October 2008 I answered their advertising on KGO radio 810 (San Francisco) about Loan Modification. The ad stated that after a reasonably 'low cost forensic audit' that they would use errors, untruths, and mistakes etc. in my loan documents to negotiate with my lender and modify the loan according to my income and new lower house values. Rick Nelson sent me forms to have notarized and sent back to him. Also a list of items needed for the audit.

    A couple of weeks later Valerie Sandoval called with what she called a 'grocery list' of additional items that she said were needed for completing the forensic audit. I had to get some of them from various banks and when I finlly got them all and sent them to her by Fed Ex I never did get the requested acknowledgment from her or the law firm. And I heard nothing more from Rick Nelson.

    In December his personal phone number was answered by Adam Zucker, who did not know who I was, and knew nothing about my case. No one knew anything about shat had been done so far (if anything). My bank (Indymac bank) would give me no information and said they did not have to contact my attorney.

    Today, Jan. 5, 2009, I received in the mail 6 copies (3 certified and 3 regular mail) of a foreclosure notice dated Dec. 10, 2008. In disgust I called Lucas Law Center and demanded to know the status of my case. A manager, Frank Sellars took my call, left me on hold for over 20 minutes and I called back and talked to Craig Williams. He said to call Adam Zucker every 15 minutes today until I would get hold of him.

    Adam Zucker still did not know who I was! Then he said that Frank Sullivan was trying to call me and asked what number should he call me at. He still could not or would not tell me anything that had been done, but announced loudly for others to apparently hear: 'Send his money back to him'. And told me that I should get it in a few days. End of story??

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