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We retained this firm to find a general manager for one of our companies. We ended up meeting with TJ Fox in the Reston, VA office and he told us about his experience and how he would not only find the right candidate but also verify that this person was who they said that they were. We had TJ furnish references before we engaged Lucas Group in what they called a Container Search. We paid them $22, 500 for this search, which is not an insignificant sum for a firm of our size.

TJ presented us with a few candidates and we ended up hiring one of them. As part of our agreement, Lucas Group was to check references and did provide us with 3 people that, according to TJ, sang the praises of him. About 6 months later, after many difficulties, he stopped showing up for work and we terminated him. If this was the end of the story, we would have chalked things up to the difficulties of owning a business and moved forward. Instead, what we found out afterward was shocking.

We did a little bit of research and found out that this guy was not who we thought he was. He never had many of the responsibilities that he claimed to have at his previous employers and we don't believe that he has a college degree from like he claimed. More troubling is that he is a drug and alcohol abuser who was only available to work for us because he was terminated by his previous employer for getting caught smoking crack with a prostitute in his office. Once we began to talk with people that were familiar with his background, we learned that it was very well known that he was involved in episodes like this with a number of employers and was a serial abuser of drugs and alcohol. A google search showed that he had been arrested for possession less than 60 days before Lucas Group did its 'background check'.

I brought this to Lucas Group's attention and they gave me some lip service and offered to do another search for us. I asked for my money back and never heard from them again. These guys are simply crooks.

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  • Mb
    MBAgrad Feb 03, 2010

    This employer transfers on this recruiter the flaws that in fact US employers created and maintain actively.
    1.Nobody is allowed to check anybody's background in the US without this person's agreement.
    2. Consequently, nobody is allowed to check the background of the references provided by the candidate to a job: no right to check for such reference (a phone number and a name) the employment, criminal and social record of the references.
    3. Consequently, how ethical is it to confirm a canditate's skills with unverifiable references? Is such a references based recruitment process even close to priviledge the most honest and skilled candidates, instead of those who have nothing to lose from lying? What are paychecks for? What are diplomas for? What are tax returns showing?

    But well, you know, I am complaining because, unlike this HIRED candidate, I am one of these cheap graduates (2 masters) with exceptional skills and experience, hard work performance, you know, one of these candidates that you CANNOT HIRE because they will never come up with a resume and statements that look as perfect as those allowed to lie about their experience, diplomas, and references like the ones this employer DID HIRE, visibly relying on REFERENCES (unverifiable references, remember) to confirm the untrue skills of the candidate, rather than confirming skills with ... diplomas.

    I would like to remind this employer that he has actively contributed to create, grow, and maintain the current financial flop, by claiming that this preference to "references" over easy to confirm diplomas could in any way have been the right and ethical recruiting method to go by, and by hiring those who document their skills with "references", leaving out of critical jobs those who document their skills with diplomas and who, consequently (yes, consequently) do have ethics and proven record of trying to be good at their work.

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  • Ci
    City Talk Aug 02, 2011

    The recruiter from this company called me and asked if I am interested in an accounting position and I said yes and promised I will try my best. Later on I did a search online and found out the the company I'm going for an interview is a scam company, so I email the recruiter oSunday to let him know that I'm not interested for the interview the following Tuesday. The recruiter emailed me back and said it was not acceptable because I promised I would do my best. Then I emailed him with my reason that I don't feel comfortable working at a scam company base on my online search.

    The recruiter kept calling me today and sent me several emails to bother me to contact him. He is so strange because he told me not to share his information with anyone. I had three interview last two weeks with three different recruiter and all of them want more business, except this one, I didn't even see him before and he pushed me so hard for the interview. I was being nice to tell him ahead of time instead of no show on the interview day and he kept pushing me to go for the interview and asked me for the sources that how I found out about his client.

    He is terrible. Don't trust what they said. Think about this, if a candidate doesn't show up then he or she would lose the opportunity to work for the company, that's it. Why would he push me so hard to go for the interview, why would he make it so confidence about his info?

    Very strange.

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  • Bu
    Buckeyes1 Oct 25, 2011

    This company is a scam. They put me up for jobs I wasn't qualified for, nor was even remotely interested. Still did this after I told them so. I ended up going on one interview they set up for me and absolutely hated the company and was not interested. When the recruiter told me about the offer, I politely declined and told her the reasons for it. She seemed to ignore this and kept saying, "congratulations" and "when can I start?". I kept telling her over and over again I didn't want this position but she wouldn't let it go. Kept calling me for 2 days after pushing me to accept the position. I'm sorry that these people get ### jobs that they only work on commission and get paid if they place someone, but that is not my fault. I came to these guys for help and it turned out to be extremely stressful and and huge pain in the butt.

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  • Ut
    utexas77 Feb 28, 2012

    I used to work for them and they are the worst people ever!! I placed a great candidate, which was a close friend at a large oil and gas company and did not even get paid on it. The whole office is screwing each other...that is how the Houston office manager, Ray, got hitched..
    They screw companies over left and right for money!
    The best part is, after they fired me, they tried to sue me..I counter sued (they owed me money on my placements) and won!
    That place is a not use unless you want to work with completely unethical people!!!

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  • Jo
    Joe The Plumber's Helper Apr 22, 2013

    I was contacted by Jamie Hirsch out of the Atlanta office regarding a Director of Procurement with a "well known" firm and was requested to return her call immediately...

    5 days and 14 returned calls proved to me that this company/employee was so unprofessional that I will never extend another ounce of effort to work with them. In Fact, I wouldn't give an AERIAL INTERCOURSE FOR THE PEOPLEN OR COMPANY!

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  • Bj
    BJJSubArtist May 16, 2013

    I had a recruiter call me from this agency and she wound up withdrawing me from the position, so she claimed. She threatened me by saying that recruiters talk, as if she had an ability to blackball me in the IT field.
    The first time we spoke, she stated she would be making money off of me, then claimed once her and I hit a snag, that she was working for me for free to find me an opportunity.
    She obviously wasn't happy with her career and took her frustrations out on me. All I asked for had been an acknowledgement that she received my references and a thank you document to be sent to the client I interviewed with. Which she couldn't do within two days, then stating I could have called her. I sent her my references very late in the evening, in fact, it was after midnight and then asked, "did you want me to call you after midnight?" No response.
    She took what seemed years of frustration out on me while on the phone, I let her vent and once she was done, I hung up on her. She called back again, I hung up on her once again.
    I notified the client of her behavior, also advised the client I wouldn't allow someone to slander me and lie to them about me.
    Without a doubt the most terrible experience ever with an agency. As IT professionals, we know they'll attempt to sell you the Brooklyn bridge, want to send you to opportunities that you're not qualified for and so on. So being guarded against them, their behavior comes naturally for us and she had been offended at that as well. To which I advised her, blame your peers in your field, the ones that have a new recruiter that brings in IT professionals to hone their IT skills. It's a known practice and I've had it verified by someone who had worked for one of these agencies.
    So remember when dealing with this agency, they're out to make money off you, which is understandable but not something that they should be telling you. Threatened me with, "recruiters talk, " now you have the ability to blackball me and are threatening me with that. Then telling me you're working for me for free. Now, you have a career and that's how it goes with being a recruiter, it simply has nothing to do with me personally. You chose your career, don't be upset at others with your decision.
    Being called unprofessional, this is after I dropped everything since it had been my birthday, taking my mom to receive radiation. Then having the time of call of the interview changed to which I said, not a problem and the call was to be 3 hours later. Provided my references and provided a thank you documents for the client but I'm the unprofessional one.
    At the end, being so upset, going through the motions, telling me to not contact the client as it makes me look unprofessional, I had to remind her that she withdrew me from the position, so what did it matter?
    I got stuck with an absolute headcase, a recruiter who had hated her job, had the nerve to call me unprofessional. Stay far away from this agency.

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  • Tr
    TransitioningVET Nov 11, 2014

    They are a scam. I was contacted by a guy on Linkedin claiming to be a recruiter for Lucas group, Douglas A. He asked for a resume and I suggested we connect via phone before sending so much personal information. The number he provided was not in service. I called the company to verify his employment status but couldn't get through to anyone. I haven't heard from the "recruiter" since.

    His linkedin profile is:

    Just shameful...

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  • Tr
    Transitioning Vet Nov 11, 2014

    I, TransitioningVET, owe Douglas A an apology.

    I just got off the phone with Douglas A, the recruiter for Lucas Group. He was polite, professional and had a lot of helpful information about transitioning from the military to both business and the non-profit sector. He apologized for missing our phone date window and had a perfectly reasonable explanation for having to do so. My comment about him being a scammer was both inappropriate and ill founded.

    In short, I cannot vouch for Lucas Group, but Douglas A was every bit the professional I had hoped to interact with.

    I have since attempted to remove the above post.

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  • Gt
    gt2 May 10, 2016

    Horrible Company to work with. They will waste your time and not get back with any meaningful opportunities. For some reason everyone is too busy and not able to get back to you. If you get contacted by them please be careful, cause they will talk all about your skillset and how much value you can bring to the table. Keep in mind that's all a sales technique so you get stuck with them and don't go anywhere to get your job needs fulfilled. The worst part is that they tell you to not apply to any companies on your own cause then they can't sponsor you and make money off your roles. A continuous waste of time these folks, if you do get contacted you will soon realize that they are all talk and no action. In the last 8+ months they have not presented me any meaningful opportunities.

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  • Gt
    gt2 May 10, 2016

    Stay far away from this agency.

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