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I purchased a Troy-Bilt lawn edger on 8-23-08. I used the product for approx. 2 months then stored until spring. I used clean gas started it up and edged my yard 2 times in April 2009. During the 2nd use, it made a loud noise and would no longer work. I took it to Lowe's and was told to take it to a repair provider because they would only warrant it for 30 days. (This in essence says - they will no longer back any of their items for more than 30 days so they can try to sell everyone an extended warranty that is not needed since the item is warranted by Troy-Bilt for 2 years)

I went home mad and decided to try it again. I went back a few days later and asked the manager to exchange the edger and was again told to take it to Coastline Motor Shop (which is not near my home). Today I called Coastline Motor Shop to check the status of the edger and was told that I must take it back to the place of purchase (Lowe's) and have them exchange it because of the 75% rule.

I was told that all retailers know this rule which basically says that the repair shop can not repair an item that is more than 75% bad. This rule states that the consumer can return the item for exchange to the original retailer if the item is more than 75% bad. Coastline Motors said that Lowe's knew this, however Lowe's would not honor this.

Now today, I am going all the way back to Coastline Motors to retrieve the useless edger (taking my time and gas money) only to have to return to Lowes's to try and exchange this.

I have no idea how they will respond at this point, however I will no longer purchase any large ticket items from Lowe's. I built a new house last year and spent more than $15, 000 at this same Lowe's. You would think that they would want to keep good customers especially in today's economy.



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 18, 2010 8:53 pm EDT

boo freaking hoo...there are ruegulations implamented for specific reasons(i.e. the 30 day rule). if you don't like to read small print before you buy, then don't come back whining when you try and return a cheapo edger after that long. 2 year manufacture warranty is through the manufactor and NOT Lowe's. Your not following correct procedure and therefore if anything, Lowe's should be mad at you and refuse your business.

Aug 23, 2009 1:04 pm EDT

Just experienced a similar circumstance as Madwoman, I purchased the same unit back in 8/2008, it wasn't running very good from the first time, would choke itself out. I talked to the dept. manager and he said, " Don't worry, bring it back, it has a 2 year warranty. " I didn't use it again until this summer, ( twice ) and had the same problems, so I loaded it up today, 8/23/09 and carried it back to the store.

They gave me some hassle, but eventually exchanged it for a new one after I told them to please bring the store manager up front. I, like you, have spent literally 10's of thousands of dollars at Lowe's. I'm glad they exchanged for me, because I had already decided to never walk back in the store again if they didn't help me with this situation. It helped them out more than they realize, because I will continue to shop at Lowe's. I'm sorry about your experience.

This was Lowe's in Simpsonville S. C.


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