Louis Vuittonlouis vuitton security selling and use drugs inside and outside the store

K Oct 09, 2019

Asia man, 5'5 or 5'6 white complexion, black suit clean cut black hair slick parted in half, built type, come out from a small green vehicle. Upon my observation the last three times. I have seen an Asian male approaching his job at Louis Vuitton smoking a pipe with drugs inside of them and passing it to another co-worker dressed in black suit too. I have pictures of him as he was using his pipe the last three times, is this the kind of employees Louis Vuitton hires? what kind of protection Louis Vuitton has? No wonder they keep on being robbed all the time. I don't think this employee dressed as it security for the right job. Please as a resident of Beverly Hills if you don't take action then I don't have another choice but releasing this pictures to the media in 7 days. We don't need Louis Vuitton to bring this kind people in our environment in Beverly Hills . Probably this Asian man is selling drugs inside Louis Vuitton store. I don't think Louis Vuitton once bad publicity letting the world know what kind of employees there hiring criminals. Please as a longtime resident of Beverly Hills do a background check in this kind of people before you hire them and bring them to our community.

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