Lord & Taylormanager victoria

K Nov 18, 2019

I was recently at the lordandtaylor in ridge hill Yorkers at the leTote party & I over heard a confrontation with one of the managers, at that location and I found it extremely rude, 2 black employees were approached by the manager Victoria & she rudely told them not to touch any of the food or drinks, when I witnessed about 3 other employees of that same location eating and drinking champagne that was being served! The other 3 employees was of a different race. (White) I was taken back by what was going on! She was very unprofessional about the situation & they should have not been scolded infront of every one, I was so embarrassed for them &that was blatant racism! And I didn't like that at all! I feel something should be done, & I will no longer go back to that location, because I don't believe in racism!

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