Loomcraft Fabric HouseMaking additional profit on faulty goods sold

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According to Mr. Neil Humpes, MD of Loomcraft Fabrics he is entitled to 5 flaws for 50m of fabric, which I might add is not in his contract signed by us the buyer, so therefore he wont credit us on fabric that has flaws on. With voile you can only see the flaw once it is being iron, but you can only iron on the voile once it has been cut. This arrogant insignificant little man wont refund us as its been cut and as previously stated, he has his entitled 5 flaws for every 50m.

Then when the rep comes to pick up the rolls we refuse to cut on as we wont take any more risks, he tells me about the Seconds which is where they take the flawed fabric back from the customer, dont credit them, and then go and sell them for an additional profit, in which now the buyer has lost his money paid for the roll and that amount now goes to Loomcraft and then they still o and sell the pieces of as seconds to make a second profit.

I urge any fabric house and decorator not to go into business with this miser as you will only lose money.

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