Lookfantastic.comworst customer service I have experienced so far


Worst customer service I have experienced so far. Do not recommend to order from this site!! i have received my order, there was a wrong item in it. Have tried to contact customer service via Internet and email-no answer. I live in Sweden and do not wish to spent my money on calling them. I wait for responce some more and then see if I can turn to charge them legally through our swedish konsumentverket, which deals with $#*!ty companies like this one. May be that will teach them.


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    CINDYWE Dec 05, 2012

    Lookfantastic order number 23151151
    I live in Australia, and I've paid 207 pounds and ordered 2 x GHD metallic gold hair styler + bonus ghd final fix hair spray from ‘’ on 13/11/2012.

    On14/11/2012 I've received an email saying the order has been dispatched.

    On28/11/2012 I've received the parcel, it's posted from Belgium, it's a fairly small box, my first thought was there was no way that both of the hair irons could have fit in there. So I opened it up, there was only 2 bottles of the bonus hair spray.

    The next day I wrote to them to explain that I've only received hair spray, but not the hair irons, asking where is the rest of my order.

    On 30/11/2012, I've received an email from lookfantastic saying sorry that my order is missing, they will look into it. I replied the same day explained AGAIN that I've received part of my order, the hair spray, I am still waiting for the 2 x hair irons.

    On 01/12/2012, I've received another email from a girl called Joanne from LF(lookfantastic), saying that she will send me declaration form and she checked stock level there are still stock left, she will be sending the hair iron& hair spray to me within 24 hours.

    I replied again to say thanks for that and I have received the hair spray, no need to send them again.

    On 03/12/2012, I've received another email from LF saying they've checked the tracking number, someone has signed for the parcel, asking me to check with my neighbours if they've taken it!!! This is the parcel of the 2 x bottles of the bonus hair spray that I've explained a million times to them about. They’ve even attached my original inquiry in that same email, where I've clearly said that I have received a parcel and it only had the hair sprays...

    On 04/12/2012, I finally received the declaration form, there is once again a huge mistake on it, it only mentioned 1 x ghd hair styler +bonus hair spray missing. I manually crossed out 1, wrote 2, and crossed out the bonus hair spray, wrote next to it: I've received hair spray, no need to send them again.
    Then I explained the whole situation on the body of the email, as well as on the deceleration form to them once again just in case someone new handles this claim again. I've even attached the photo of the box that the hair spray came in with and also my order confirmation sheet.

    on 05/12/2012, I've received an even more ridiculous email saying that my order has been REFUNDED. And the refund value is only half of what I’ve paid (I’ve paid 207pounds, they’ve refunded $103.50 pounds).

    My frustration is beyond words could describe, and I am total disgusted of the whole experience with

    I would not waste of my time any further trying to sort things out with lookfantastic, I have decided to take this to British consumer authority.

    I have also published my horrifying experience on a local influential Chinese forum, I am sure they will learn from my lesson, too.

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