LookFantasticorder not arrived, terrible service


The worst customer service on the planet!"

We have been using l'f' for around 5 years plus, spending around 3000ukpounds per year, do you think that would be classified as a good customer?? Apparently not, our last order for 800 pounds was made 11 days ago... After 5 emails no replies then 4 telephone calls costing us around 50 pounds [as we live in kenya] we find out from some of the most surly unhelpful people, i've ever come across, that it's still in the warehouse, not even been sent, when we explain that someone is carrying it over for us in 2 days time, you'd be mistaken in thinking they'd rush it through, no no no, didn't even bother to call us back, we ring again 20 of the 40 items are out of stock and wont be in stock for 3 weeks or more!!!


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    anonymous8787 Dec 05, 2011

    Something has gone very, very wrong with this company in the last few months. You are by no means alone in your experience. I have found that the only way to get a response from these people is to complain on their facebook "help" page:, however I have yet to find out whether they come through with the actual refund. Good luck!

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    Emma888 Jan 25, 2012

    I too am less than enamoured with Lookfantastic, despite having been a good customer in the past. At the beginning of December they sent out the wrong item, which I promptly returned - obtaining proof of postage as requested (7 December). Despite numerous emails to them via their website contact form, my account was still not credited, despite acknowledgement of my proof of postage and assurance that my account would be credited within 24-48 hours. 3 weeks on and my account has still not been credited. I raised a dispute with PayPal (because that is how I paid), but have had no joy there either. They wanted me to provide a tracking id for the returned item, yet the customer adviser at Lookfantastic told me I only needed to obtain proof of postage. Because I was unable to give tracking information, PayPal have said that I will not receive a refund. I won't give up. They must be making a mint from all the customers they rip off in this way. I will be taking this further.

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    anonymous8787 Jan 26, 2012

    HI Emma888. Just to let you know I did eventually get a refund, but only after hassling them A LOT on their Facebook page. Just to take the biscuit, when I eventually spoke to someone who confirmed they were giving me a refund they initially DEDUCTED the amount they owed me again!!! Thankfully - after a bit more hassling on FB - they eventually refunded both amounts. I also got in touch with consumer direct, who as a matter of course will pass your complaint on to Trading Standards. Good luck.

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