LongHorn Steakhouseservice/food/management

Kw Oct 09, 2019

It was my husbands birthday so we decided to join a couple friends at a steakhouse between our 2 houses because they live in another state. We agreed to meet at 630 for dinner. My husband I arrived at 615 and decided to go ahead and get a table because the restaurant was starting to fill up. It would be a couple minutes to wait for our friends. After we sat down the server stopped by and said she would be right back. Which she did, didn't introduce herself just asked us what we wanted to drink. I told her we were waiting on another couple and they should be here shortly. We gave her our drink order and she came right back with them put them on the table and left. About 10 minutes later I get a text from our joining party saying they were stuck in traffice and would be another 10 minutes. My husband I decided to go ahead and order an appetizer since they were still running behind. I flagged down the server and told her what was going on and she said flatly said no problem and she would get out appetizer out. The rest of the pre meal went without incident, till our food was delivered. Everyone ordered steaks and some sort of potato side dish. My friend was sawing on her steak, which was ordered medium, because it was so tough she couldn't even get her fork into it. Once again we flagged down the server, because she never checked on us, and told her the steak was tough and could they replace it. She snatch the small plate with the steak on it out of her hand and went back to the kitchen. We all sat around talking not eating because she didn't have her food. She told us to go ahead and eat not problem. Her steak didn't get replace for 25 minutes. We were all done eating by this time, the manager brought it out to the table with no apologies, nothing, just put in on the table and asked her to cut into it to make sure it was cooked correctly, she did and it was fine but she asked him to box it up since we were all done eating and she didn't want to hold people up while she finally got to eat her steak. The manager snorted and took the steak from the table and boxed it for her. When he came back once again, with no apologies, tossed it, literally tossed it on the table mumbled something about having a good night and stomped off. Immediately after the server shows up and brings us our check. Now we didn't expect to have anything comped but seriously, she didn't even apologize either, she just dropped the check and left. Please keep in mind she had resting #itch face the entire time we were there and never once smiled. She did bring my husband some crappy bowl of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle that looked like a 3 year old made it but none the less. No pleasantries from the server nor an apology from the manager. I was completely pissed by the time we left the resturant. I served tables for years and I know its hard work and I used to hate when people would take up table space in my section talking or waiting on parties, but we racked up a $100.00 check and left quite a healthy tip, even though she didn't deserve a red cent, but this made us all uneasy and my husband certainly didn't enjoy his birthday dinner with such rude wait staff and managers. The girl that delivered our food in the first place was nicer then those 2 put together. We willl NEVER go to another Longhorn Steakhouse again. Worst service EVER.

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