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I've been working in Lions Construction Est. in Hamalah Bahrain, the reason I write because I feel sorry for my co workers which still working over there. 1. Passport is handling by the owner 2. Not paying on time 3. regarding visa worker he is asking for the visa payment 4. Harrashment for the worker 5. Cheating the government TAMKEEN issue, in which he filed support to get money in 2011 and 2014 but the supporting documents he just cheat it, and ask the supplier to cheat the amount (you can ask the receipt that he submit and ask the original not the copy one) 6. Ministry of works supporting documents especially in accounts (financial report/ you can ask the report financial report 2011, 2012, and 2013 but there is no financial report) he cheat it just to registered the company. 7. Run away people he is always asking his secretary to cheat the attendance so that no need to wait for 15days. 8. Bharaini staff not working in Lion construction they are only ghost employee you can ask the attendance sheet and salary.