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LinkedIn Complaints & Reviews

Oct 02, 2019

Linkedin — non-existent customer service

I thought I was through with Linkedin and its horrendous "customer service, " after canceling all the...

Jul 13, 2019

Linkedin — employment

I made an account on Linkedin. I applied for approximately 50 jobs. I added 80 Alumni from 2 universitie...


Email Address: ux.smart.[protected]@gmail.com
Email Address: ux.smarty.[protected]@gmail.com

Dear LinkedIn Owner-Able Person
My Request Accepted

These LinkedIn Account has been hack I inform you please remove to full information now because I am the owner able to this LinkedIn account and I inform you accepted my request and done it now immediately you can action now because my account access to unknown person I cannot analysis to fake unknown person because I am the originals good person and I inform you please deactivate to my LinkedIn account and no access my account to unknown person understand...

Does it immediately remove this LinkedIn Account?

LinkedIn Account 1
Email: ux.smart.[protected]@gmail.com

LinkedIn Account 2
Email: ux.smarty.[protected]@gmail.com

First Name: Abdul Rahman
Last Name: Mansoor Raza
Father Name: Mansoor Raza
Date of Birth: 06/3/1985

Thank You

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    Linkedinpremium service fee

    i have been billed 42000 rupees for premium service, i wasn't informed about the due date, i would've cancelled my request. because i didn't want the premium service anyway, the product was not at all worth the fee charged, linked in did't hold their end of the bargain. i want my money back, they are a fraud, they cheat people, i want them to repay my money as soon as possible,

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      LinkedinI cancelled but you kept on billing me

      Wrongful billing, impossible to contact them for fixing their mistake! I would have never expected this kind of behaviour from linkedin, never! I thought it was a legit business working with legit manners and had to find out the worst way that they will go to extremely poorly services in order to take money from you!! I have been using linkedin for many years and have subscribed the premium category twice, for some months. Never got anything from it. But this is not the issue for my review. My problem was when I decided to try the job posting service, cancelled it after 5 days, but they kept on billing me for a whole next month! Also, the price they announce is before tax and they don't say it anywhere. Seriously, I feel robbed! I tried to contact them by every means I could find (almost a day to find a way, such is their unwillingness to support their customers and correct mistakes!!) and never got an answer. I truly had the idea that linkedin was a prestigious company and now I feel they are like a scam working behind a facade of prestige.

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        Linkedinmoney taken from my account

        I understood that I would be informed a few days PRIOR to a confirmation of LinkedIn Premium membership - which they were very encouraging about my trying it, ("even for a month...you never know..."

        I received no such notification, and I did not notice that the date limit for my free (trial) use of Premium had expired.

        I now see that £451 [!] was taken from my account

        I had hoped at the time of trying it out, that I would be able to afford to pay for Premium, but later realised that it would be impossible, after all, to do so. So, obviously, on receiving the notification, I was going to explain my situation, and cancel. It didn't come!

        Please will you assist?

        keith perreur-lloyd

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          • Da
            David Vasquez Mendoza Sep 25, 2018
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I was using LinkedIn services for the first. And inserted a inquiry which indicated no charge for my request.
            LinkedIn charge my credit card $513.00 without my acknowledgment.
            David Mendoza

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          Linkedinpremium membership

          I signed up for the free Linkedin Premium membership trail. I usually don't like signing up for automatically renewal services, but as it stated that they would not bill you before sending you a reminder email, I decided to give it a try.

          I got billed quite a big amount today without being sent the reminder email they promised. I want my money back as I do not wish to extend my membership. I didn't feel that the product was worth the money. And Linkedin didn't keep up their end of the bargain. I feel that these automatic subscription renewals are only to trick customers out of money and serves of no benefit to the consumer. I want Linkedin to give me my money back, but the only point of contact I can find is a customer service number for the US (And I live in SA).Linkedin didn't stick to the agreement and need to pay me my money back.

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            Linkedininmail feature

            I paid for the premium service and accumulated or banked 13 InMails as of the start of 2018. I have stopped paying for premium but the InMails have been removed from the account. This is not good business practice, I paid for them and expected to have access until used. I am asking them to be restored.

            My linkedin account url is https://www.linkedin.com/in/mdownesenvmgt/



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              Linkedinrecruit lite

              Hi. My name is Gerard Chee. As part of my role in my previous company I had signed for free Recruit lite for 1 month in April 2017. I subsequently resigned from my company and forgot about this sign up and did not check my credit card account.

              Unknown to me Linkedin continued to bill me a monthly fee for the next 6 months. I would think it is at least a courtesy to send us a reminder by email or linkedin mail that they will begin charging to my credit card.

              I have never accessed nor used the Recruit lite services subsequent to the initial usage during the 1mth of free usage.

              I am a poor jobless user trying to get by. Pls refund me my money.

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                Linkedin — without consent premium membership restarted after being cancelled

                I'd like to bring to your notice that my LinkedIn premium membership was cancelled by me in the month of June...


                LinkedinLack of customer service

                Their customer service is like something non-existing. If you want to resolve an issue you'll have to do it by yourself, because their support doesn't really care and actually tries to avoid any way of communication.
                Every time I try to contact them I never succeed. I sent emails and tried to call the given numbers, but there was always silence. This is so "professional"...

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                  Linkedinjob posting charges

                  We often post job openings on various sites. Linkedin's policy should be reviewed by the Department of Consumer Affairs.
                  The charge the credit on file without notification. Their pricing is vague and as a consumer there is no recourse. They have a "no refund" policy.
                  For example, we posted for a job. The recruiter was under the "impression" that the post cost $200. My card was charged $806. No explanation, no statistics on that figure are provided. A good friend was charged $3, 500 in the same way, for job posting.

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                    I need some explanation from LinkedIn about why was my account deleted!
                    I was not able to log in and then I released that my account was cancelled and I have no idea what happened. The worst part is that no one from LinkedIn replied. I just want to know what I did wrong and what was the actual reason.
                    I hate how they allow themselves to act like that, by not replying they show their disrespect and nasty attitude. I thought that LinkedIn was a respectful company, but now I know who these guys really are and I will not use their site in the future!

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                      Linkedin — Requesting review of charges created time: created 8 days ago status: open case #: [protected]

                      Another unbelievable case of debiting your credit card without any authorization and never informed that you...

                      Linkedin — Defamation of character, & unethical behaviour

                      LinkedIn has a person on their site that I do not know, never knew in my life that has been posting stuff...


                      Linkedin — Unauthorised credit card deductions

                      [Case: [protected]] Grace C Kiernan I have been refunded only 6 months of deductions by Linked for a...

                      LinkedinCustomer support

                      Very poor customer service here. I posted a project to profinder which they took down claiming i'm trying to post a job for free. This is not true as the role was for a freelance brand consultant—perfect for profinder!. I am left to wonder if this is some type of bait and swtich tactic—get people to post on profinder then email the customer saying the project is really a job so they can then sell a job posting. When I delcline they wimply barred me from the profinder service. Highly suspect business practice

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                        LinkedinWorthless website

                        I've been job hunting for a couple of years now, without finding what I am looking for. I've always had bad experiences with pretty much all online employment websites of all types, and Linkedin is no exception.

                        My friends annoyed the hell out of me until I joined Linkedin, telling me "I would have no problem finding work" after joining. LIES!

                        I joined. The website is convoluted and difficult to figure out. A lot of what you need is not even there. If it is, I sure as hell couldn't find it! There is no job listings on there that I ever found. You find a lot of companies listed you can follow, but that is about it.

                        They have some chat threads you can post questions on, but that is a farce in itself. I posted two or three different questions on there, hoping for some insight or answers to help me find the job I have been looking for...but NO...the only people who posted replies were nothing but yappers and gossips posting "replies" that had absolutely NOTHING to do with my questions. If you've ever heard the phrase "people who talk just to hear themselves", then you know exactly what I mean.

                        This website is nothing more than a MySpace for bored employees...just someplace to collect as many "friends" as you possibly can, with absolutely NO intrinsic value of any kind.

                        *No real help in finding a job
                        *No job assistance of any kind
                        *No help from their "supporters"/chat threads
                        *No worthwhile value of any kind

                        What a waste of my time. Absolutely nothing "professional" about this website at all, except they are geared to lure in companies instead of teenagers.

                        Unless you are bored and just looking for another ###ic, useless chat site to get on, don't bother with this one. It is NO help in job searching at all.

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                          LinkedinNot so good

                          I decided to try LinkedIn when I was searching for a job. I made a resume and tried to search some contacts myself. Later I was contacted by a person which offered me a job. We met in Skype and discussed all the details.
                          I was asked to transfer $200 to get all the materials. I did as they said. Now I know that was the biggest mistake I've ever made and I was simply scammed and robbed. But that moment I thought that there were no scammers on LinkedIn, that it was safe and etc.
                          LinkedIn is not that bad, but it's very unsafe and full of fakes. Beware!

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                            First, Linkedin is full of fake job postings, full of outdated job ads and the platform of choice for false advertising.

                            Second: Remember: "if you're not paying for a service, you're not the client but the product being sold."

                            In the case of Linkedin, even when you pay, you are still the product being sold.

                            Third: Linkedin NOW BELONGS TO MICROSOFT (yes the monopoly and trust)

                            That being said, it is only 3 of their major issues:

                            1/ Total lack of privacy. They use your data to make money with it. If you think it's free, you are very naive.
                            2/ Total lack of privacy. I can see your full profile with a simple search on google, I don't even need to have an account or connect.
                            3/ Total lack of privacy. So called "premium" services mean people who pay can violate anyone else privacy and access to all the details they want about you (even if you think you're protected by your settings.

                            4/ For those "who have nothing to hide": countless identity thefts on linkedin, countless harassment stories from Linkedin employees. Countless "errors" when Linkedin serve itself in your bank account. Countless stories of blocked accounts, used by others to spam others etc...


                            The real issues with services like Linkedin:

                            1/ Why on earth do we suddenly need to be all on file, classified, in little boxes like cans, potatoes and carrots?

                            2/ Why do we suddenly need to be on file all over the internet? Why do we have to spread our lives the world over?

                            3/ Who benefits from Linkedin? Think twice about it before thinking you benefit from it as a job seeker.
                            - To reformulate: Who's making money by having your personal data on file, online?
                            - Whose incompetent HR benefits from having access to all your work details
                            without even having to work for it or ask you in the first place?

                            4/ Why do you think the same companies are advertising the same jobs all year round? Why the ads never get removed even when it's obvious there is no real opening behind it?

                            - What is traffic on a website?
                            - How people like Linkedin monetize their "services"

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                              • Ro
                                robert.blec Sep 26, 2016
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                They also spam you, seal your email addresses, and target you all the time

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