Lincareoxygen and cpap


I moved my mother to Delmar, New York from Connecticut. On moving to New York we had to switch to Lincare for her oxygen needs. We were told right away that they only have 2 other people on her system (refillable) so service did not know much about them. That really inspired confidence in them! The first machine they bought they took back right away as it did not work correctly. They bought a second one that works but I do not have too much confidence in its oxygen calibration and service cannot help me. So we decided to change my mother to a portable system. Lincare said they would get right on that. That was back in June 2015. Now it is November 2015 and the switch still has not happened. I have repeatedly called them and was told someone would get back to me, and no one EVER did. I also called and asked since this was taking so much time that my mother be given a couple of 2 liter bottles of oxygen so she could go on outings with her assisted living facility. Again, they had to get back to me. Then I called about her CPAP. Lincare took care of her CPAP in Connecticut and they were very good. However, Lincare here in Latham, NY said I had to get the records from their (Lincare) office in Connecticut. When I called Connecticut they said New York had to ask for it. Now we are at a standstill with this because both supervisors from each location says it is the others responsibility to get the records. Meanwhile, my mother can barely use her CPAP because her masks are getting out of shape. I have contacted Lincare's corporate complaint. The first email they ignored. The second email said, you guessed it, some one would get back to me. So my 82-year-old oxygen dependent mother has a sketchy conservator, cannot go on any outings longer than 2 hours, and is sleeping poorly due to no new CPAP supplies. I'm calling my mother's new pulmonary doctor and see if the respiratory therapist will help us get a new company. Due to the pain and suffering they are causing my mother I am contacting our lawyer to see what can be done about them.

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