Lifetouchno refund on the $50 deposit

E Jul 24, 2019

I can't seem to get my $50 refund.

As directed, I sent the portfolio back to Prestige/Lifetouch so that I could get my $50 deposit back. I was sent a check in the mail made out to my son (the wrong person). So I had my son sign the check over to me and then I deposited it through a mobile app. The bank accepted it at first, but then a few days later my bank refused it and took the $50 out of my checking account.

This made the check no good and no longer possible to deposit so I called your customer service and was told what to do to get a new check. I did exactly what I was told and then I received a voicemail from your company that she wouldn't send me a new check because it was already deposited. Confusing to say the least. It WAS deposited but then refused and the money taken back. I called her and left a voicemail with the data and never got a call back. I just want my deposit back. And now I am getting upset. Please help.

Check # 3327222
Attached: photo of deposit and then returned deposit by the bank
Client name: Brent Grantham (high school student) and Elaine Grantham (mother)
Date of incident: May 26th deposit, May 31st returned
Date of mailing to local office to get a new check: July 2nd
Customer service contact: Misty with Lifetouch/Prestige in Hayward, Ca
Phone number of person who told me I couldn't get a new check: 952-826-4666
2nd Customer service contact: Jeri on July 15th by voicemail

no refund on the $50 deposit

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