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Lia SophiaScam

Lia Sophia is a MLM scheme. The gov't should do something about these pyramid schemes. The jewelry is nothing but bling. Worst of all, you have to BUY the jewelry to make money. The trips you win depend how much you sell: trip for one or two. Say you won a trip for one and want to take your husband. You have to spend your money (or your husband's money) to buy the extra ticket! How is that making money? You're only making the people who OWN the company rich, really rich! Jewelry isn't replenishable. There's only so much jewelry you can buy. And if you don't know that honey, you have one BIG SPENDING PROBLEM! You have to be really desperate and up to your neck in bills to even THINK you'll get rich! The parties are BORING. Oh wow, playing parlor games! It's like school dress up parties and the clicks you used to have at school. Oh, what fun! HO-Hum. Girls, be careful your pyramid doesn't come crashing down!


  • Ji
    jillkin Dec 03, 2014

    Lia Sophia jewelry is poor quality, worth it for $10, something you have wear a couple times, but my 3 over priced pieces either broke or discolored in less than 1 year. I feel badly that this was jewelry I bought for an alleged fundraiser for a local non profit (20% of proceeds went to the non profit)-- we all would have been better off giving the $150 I spent direct to the non profit. I won't fall for this again. Most importantly jewelry is crap, and who is going to return something given them policy??

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  • Co
    Corporate American employee Dec 02, 2014

    I have to add this because it seems I'm the only one with positive thoughts. I bought Lisa Sophia when it was Lady Remington. I've had numerous parties for friends who were reps. I still have all my jewelry. I don't sleep or shower with it or spray perfume on it but that's how I take care of my real jewelry, too. The 2 pieces I didn't like I returned with no problem. I've actually purchased over 50 pieces. Never had a problem. Except when my necklace got caught in my car door. And guess what? I got it replaced by Lia sophia cuz I still had my recepit. If your jewelry turns black on your skin your body oils don't agree with the metal. And if people buy when they don't have the money well I actually think that's their fault and not the sales rep, right? I mean if you don't have the money you simply say no. None of my reps who came into my home ever had a gun to force anyone to buy. And for those advisors who bought their own jewelry outside of their kit or earning their own freebies well I guess they didn't run an efficient business. I know I spend more money on shoes than I should. But [censored] if I blame the shoe companies for having such great sales and marketing :-) Now if you're interested in an opportunity to market over 350 products we use every day, that have to be replenished with no sales quota or party requirements come visit But remember that each opportunity is different for everyone and your success or lack thereof depends on you. As long as you work with a legimate company.

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  • Co
    Corporate American employee Dec 02, 2014

    First of all sales is sales. Do you notice any Ford car salesmen driving Mitsubishis into work? If you take on a direct sales opportunity, no matter what industry or product you should know enough about that product you represent if you want to do well. You don't like the "parlor games" then don't go. These home parties are about giving friends time together to hang out and buy jewelry. "Bling" is jewelry. That's exactly what jewelry is about. You either like jewelry or you don't. Replenishable? It's jewelry. Costume jewelry. I work with women who love the stuff. And some that don't wear jewelry. Any direct sales opportunity is exactly that. DIRECT SALES. You can keep it simple and do a few parties a week to pay your small bills or have fun money or you can recruit others and build your own business. A pyramid scheme isn't quite correct my dear. People who hate the company, can't succeed at selling, don't like selling or think direct sales isn't for them will call anything a pyramid. A pyramid is when someone pulls you into a business and no matter how hard you work you can never get ahead of that person. Lia Sophia have women great opportunities to create their own financial independence. As for the trips yes your efforts and direct sales determined if you win a trip for one or two. That's called setting a goal. I work in corporate america and although I make great money and take care of my client relationships my boss never gives me a trip anywhere. Even if I deserve it. Sales comes with hard work, dedication, fun, cheery people and cliques if you may, but the rewards are abundant for those with the sales gene. There's always a niche Somewhere for any product. I think the company gave women opportunities to be successful and what each rep did with that was up to them. Some make it some don't. Its like car sales. Not everyone will always need a car. And not everyone who tries to sell cars is good at it. That doesn't make car companies frauds. You sound like an angry advisor that this business didn't work out for or you didn't win your 2nd trip because you didn't make your goal. Everyone has their own opinion and that's fine but I knew some single mom's who had it not been for what they made of their lia sophia opportunity they would've not been able to provide a home for their children. And they became amazing business women who now can achieve great success no matter where they go. Direct sales world's miracles for some and they make the most of the opportunity. And some just aren't cut out for it.

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  • Bi
    BigE1 Nov 23, 2013

    Lia is another scam like all the others that exploit the stay at home moms and non-working housewives. It's just an excuse to get together, drink, and socialize. Oh by the way, buy some plastic crap after you are nice and buzzed (toasty from the wine). Total BS... not to mention the sales tax that is outrageous and the shipping and handling the is ridiculous. When I say ridiculous, I mean ridiculous! As a seller or host of a party they will ship all your sales in a bulk order to your house. Then, you as a hostess or reseller are responsible for distributing said goods to all of the final purchasers. What a waste of time and exploitation of lonely women's desire to socialize. This is not really a business but rather an exploitation of women with no business sense. Remember ladies... Time is Money. If you really want an item... buy it or ask your sugar daddy to buy it. Forget the stupid incentives from Lia and the likes. You are just annoying the you know what out of your husband or significant other.

    My advice: find a nice piece of jewelry from Jared or whomever and ask for it. Then, spend the rest of your time and resources making your husband and family happy! Also, if you want to host a party... host a party without the stupid BS of Lia or the likes. Just have a party and talk about the nice stuff you want. Then spell it out for you hubby so he can stop by said store on his way to the Sports Bar.

    Thanks to Lia and the other costume jewelers for ruining the single income household comeback.

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  • Sa
    Saraa1 Aug 08, 2013

    I love the jewelry! They tell you exactly what the jewelry is made of and keep absolutely nothing from you! You have a lifetime warranty because they want to keep their happy customers, happy! There is nothing wrong with that, if anything it makes me want to continue buying from them because I know they will always take care of me! I know many ladies who have lavish lifestyles from selling only lia Sophia jewelry because they take care of their employees! So it is no scheme to some, especially those who make a living from this! Lia Sophia must be doing something right!
    It's sad to me that some people want to bash something that they obviously no nothing about! They don't force you to buy anything so don't get online and hate on it, just simply don't buy it... Easy as that.

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  • La
    Lalala28 Feb 08, 2013

    Lia sophia jewelry is junk. The worst overpriced purchase I made. The jewelry turns black within a week and for everyone selling it, don't you dare deny this. That's why you have to have the lifetime guarantee, which is stupid because you have to pay to ship the fake, crappy jewelry back. Forever 21 gives me better quality. Ladies, don't waste your money, your literally buying hidden copper.

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  • Di
    disappointedinthiscompany Apr 15, 2012

    I recently went to a Lia Sophia party. The salesperson played games to entice you to buy their products. My friends and I bought several pieces that once delivered to us fell apart. Gold Necklaces tarnished, earrings fell apart. But what do you expect from jewelry made in China? They put an expensive price tag on something made oversees. Better to save up for something you really like and not this jewelry. Customer Service reps not helpful always sent you back to the "advisor" Advisor helpful but told me I had to pay my own shipment to send a broken piece back!!! They charge a shipping fee and send the jewelry all in 1 box to the person hosting the party. They overpriced pieces to make you have a party to get it at a lower cost. When it's not even worth the price they are charging. Mostly over $100.00. Company is very cheap!!! They pride themselved on a "lifetime guarantee." BUT you need to hold onto the receipt & you have to pay a charging fee of $5 PER ITEM if you decide to return it after 120 days!!! Plus, shipping. NOT worth it!!! Don't see this company lasting very long in this economy. Eventually, people will realize their motives. Not to make people look good but to scam them out of their hard earned money!!

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  • Fr
    freejazz Sep 26, 2011

    People, LS is a brainwashing scam. They tell all the little housewives EXACTLY what they want to hear. That they are gonna be "empowered" and helping other women, and all the buzzwords the weak minded fall for. You are basically little paid slaves of the company. Most of you know NOTHING about finances, business or how to run one. You look at your gross commissions and forget to subtract what you paid into it. When all is said and done, considering the time, gas, tolls, and costs, you end up making the equivalent of about $1 an hour. Do the math. My wife has done this for about a year now. She has busted her butt, put in countless hours, both at shows and at home. Driven all over the tri-state area, incurring tons of expenses, even wasted money flying to Milwaukee to prance around with the other brainwashed idiots, and to show for it, she's netted a couple a thousand dollars. FOR A YEAR! On top of that, she's help wreck our marriage in that we now spend virtually NO time together, and fight over this. Do yourself a favor, buy a brain instead, THINK for the first time in your lives, and don't buy into this BS. You wanna "empower" yourselves, put the effort into YOUR OWN business, and stop listening to salespeople

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  • Di
    diamondrownyc Sep 15, 2011

    In reference to the person who said that some are degrading a good company, I disagree with you about the good company part. A good company does not deceive like Lia Sophia does. They have convinced the women who sell their jewelry for them that their products are high quality. Their jewelry is electroplated gold. Gold electroplate jewelry can also be found in dollar stores. It's the jewelry you see up at the dollar store counter for three dollars instead of one dollar. I have heard women who sell the jewelry explain Lia Sophia's process to me. These poor women think that it's a special electroplating process that raises Lia Sophia jewelry above the rest. It isn't. These women are being fed a line of bull. I am a jeweler, so I don't deal with junk jewelry, and therefore have no motives to post this other than to make the public aware that they are being duped. People in the jewelry field shake their heads in disbelief at the garbage that Lia Sophia feeds their reps. It is outright lies. When people come into my store and want to know how much a Lia Sophia piece is worth, I hate to tell them that it is worth less than a dollar. They always say things like "But I paid $200 for it! That can't be true!" It's sad all around-for the customers as well as the Lia Sophia representatives. I'm sorry, but a good company has integrity. Lia Sophia does not.

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  • Dh
    DHenneman Apr 01, 2011

    Complaints Board brought to you by Silpada. The Jewelry company that defeats the competition by practicing unethical tactics to degrade them.

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  • Dh
    DHenneman Apr 01, 2011

    What's wrong with this country? Just kidding! There are many answers. Uneducated people that think they are educated as in the person than complains about things they don't know. People that work from competitors that have no business ethics. People that have horrible knowledge of their competitors that make no sense and lie to degrade a good company. People that complain because they have no life. ...on and on... and on...

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  • Dd
    ddizz66 Mar 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lia Sophia is not a pyramid scheme. The compensation plan is pyramid like in structure. Big difference to the uneducated bunch on here. People are buying the jewelry. No pressure, just good taste. However, I wish it wasnt made in China. That does bother me. We all know the people that post Lia Sophia complaints. They are those annoying people, we dread at shows. Also, thank god they are not our neighbors. They are the complainers, the need to [censor] daily and love to hear their own voices, please for the love of god, , , , , dont come to our shows. Do us all a favor...Go to a Park Lane party, SilpaDA, OR even buy tacky jewelry from the chick on here that makes her own. You know the stuff no one buys at flea markets, a craft fairs.

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  • Lo
    LovingMyLife Jan 03, 2011

    I am not a Lia Sophia advisor and have no interest in becoming one. However, I am a customer, and a happy one! I have been buying from LS parties for over a year and have only had issue with 1 item, which was easily exchanged. Myself, and several of my friends have hosted LS parties. I have bought at some and not at others and guess what? All the hostesses are still my friends! If you are buying items that YOU believe are crap, because you are afraid of upsetting a "friend" who has been pressuring you... Then maybe you should find new friends. And evaluate your spending habits. It's pretty simple... Don't like it, don't buy it!
    For the person who makes their own jewelry... That's great! I also own jewelry from local artists and department stores. Everyone's tastes vary and there is room in this world for all types. What we don't need is the negativity and attitude that you are better than others.

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  • Sh
    Shanel Dec 23, 2010

    I very much agree that you feel ashamed to your friends not to buy jewelry, therefore you buy all the cheap and expensive jewelry. Just go on ebay and look at the same products how ridiculously cheap they are and they are just the same. Lia Sofia is just a Ripp Off Company and of course the ladies who protect this type of business they like the money that goes in their pocket, don't care much about selling Cheap jewelry and emptying other people's pockets.

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  • Li
    lia girl! Nov 15, 2010

    Dear DR. PHIL, SANDRA DEE Etc..

    Are there people who really care that much about what others buy? If you dont like our jewelry then dont buy it!! I am always honest with my customers and all of them LOVE our jewelry. My friends and family never feel pressured into picking up a new item from lia sophia and if you have a loved one that does, then maybe you should take it up with their weak character and not an advisor!! I had just graduated college with a Chemical Engineering Degree and could'nt get a job in this economy. lia sophia has helped pay rent and buy food and I will always be grateful for that. There are many different people in this world who like many different things, including jewelry. As far as my taste goes, I typically find "homemade" jewelry to be vapid and unappealing. When I dress up and go out for a night on the town I'm not going to wear that "sweet homemade peice", I'm going to wear my attention getting jewelry! Maybe you should think before you criticize somebodys livelihood or passion. Your obviously not a very well educated or well-mannered individual if you feel the need spew negativity about a company that you know NOTHING about except what you hear from others. Why don't you work for lia sophia and then maybe us "advisors" will take your mindless chatter seriously. On second thought, you probably should'nt. Our advisors are confident, idealistic, positive women trying to make it in this world while supporting eachother, you would'nt fit in!!!
    ----Erica with the BEEMER (misspelling intentional)

    P.S. All ls ladies, I think Sandra Dee is possibly upset about competition. If her jewelry is as original as her name then I can see why lia sophia would be much more appealing to her customers!!

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  • Dr
    Dr Phil Jun 15, 2010

    I think the whole reason why Lia Sophia works is because effectively you are shaming your friends to buy jewelry.

    My wife goes to these parties and brings home junk that she does not need. She never bought such stuff before. But it doesn't look good to not buy because her friends are hosting the party. And it doesn't look good to say no to a party, because a friend has invited. Then every friend gets the same idea, and ends up hosting another party. And another.

    Guess who's the one paying the price?

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  • Ca
    Catherine Caban Mar 26, 2010

    Hi Ladies,

    First of all to the lady who makes her own jewelry I am so happy for you. I find that women like yourself should be here to help other women by showing them what it is to be on the "journey to becoming a business women" NOT SQUASHING THEM LIKE COCKAROACHES.

    I know that you probably have much to show us women but your blog was so nasty and degrading that I couldn't see it.

    I have a friend who loves "Swarovski crystals" and I would have sent you the lead - But I would never send one my customers to a businesswomen who puts women down the way you have. Yes I said one of my customers that buys lia sophia jewelry. Women like all kinds of jewelry, real gold, hand made items and apparently our lia Sophia JUNK… as you so eloquently put it

    It hurts me so much to see how other women are so ready to put other women down so easily when we should be standing together to make it work for all of us.

    We have so many things against us, other jobs, children and husbands, house cleaning, cooking…. I could go on and on.. but to have to deal with other women putting me down is something that I don’t HAVE to deal with.

    Please help – On top of my day job, taking care of 5 mentally challenged guys who live with my husband, working lia on the weekends I am building a website for women who are building a business and would love some constructive criticism. Please email me at [email protected] and I will send you the link.

    To all the women working hard at building your business, I congratulate you.

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  • Sa
    sandra dee Mar 25, 2010

    Of course it is a pyramid - you earn based on how high you go and how many people you recruit. By jewelry being not replenishable, I think the first poster meant that it's not something you run out of, like consumable goods, or clothing that wears out or children outgrow.

    The difficult part in my mind is tht so many people want to become advisors who are part of the same circle as the hostess of the party they went to. There is a finite amount of jewelry people will buy, and each time a person from the same circle, or extended circle, of contacts becomes an advisor, their potential sales market is diminished. Sure, they are adding new contacts, but they're really ONLY going to be able to leverage their new contacts...after all, they were just at a party with a hostess friend. That is, it's like when people save up money and purchase a franchise like Dunkin Donuts, and despite the parent company's promise to not allow another franchise nearby, pretty soon another shop shows up, often less than a mile away. That means less sales for both stores!

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  • To
    totalblammblamm Mar 01, 2010

    What, are you ladies kidding me? Lia Sophia 'jewelry' is substandard, overpriced, JUNK.

    I make my own jewelry, using sterling silver and gold findings, Swarovski crystals, real gemstones, Czech Druk glass beads, and Tibetan silver spacers (just to name a few of the components I use) and I don't spend NEARLY what the GARBAGE Lia Sophia calls jewelry goes for! It's OUTRAGEIOUS!

    It is a pyramid scheme. The money is to be made by pressuring your 'hostesses' to pressure their friends to buy Lia Sophia [email protected]

    I have duplicate many, many of your designs with MUCH higher quality materials for a fraction of what LS charges.

    Get real, LS ladies. You're Mary Kay Ladies, without the 'klassy pink kaddies' (misspelling intentional),

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  • Bl
    Bling Queen Feb 24, 2010

    I 100% agree with Catherine and Liz-Beth. I went to my very first Lia Sophia party (just yesterday) and I had the best time. I met other career driven women and learned so much about the jewelry and company, I was so excited about it I am signing up to be an Advisor. There are so many schemes out there and believe me I am a huge skeptic but Lia Sophia is something that I can see myself getting passionate about. There are no gimmicks what you see is what you get and then some! The Lifetime Guarantee on the jewelry is better than Nordstroms return policy. Why trash something that you obviously have no knowledge about. Educate yourself first before you offer a one sided opinion.

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  • Li
    Liz-Beth Feb 10, 2010

    I completely agree with Catherine. I too sell Lia Sophia jewelry. We are not required to purchase any jewelry at all after our start up cost (which is literally next to nothing). I do, because I LOVE the jewelry and want to look good when I go out places... Nobody forces me to buy this jewelry, and I do not have to in order to stay in business as you claimed. If you win a trip, you don't have to go if you don't want to without your husband... Why in the world would a jewelry company pay for your husband to go on a trip? Why would he even want to go if you are surrounded by jewelry lovin' women? And if you decided to go on a trip, wouldn't you have to pay for him? Yes, I think so! And I have never met someone who didn't like the jewelry parties... These types of "parties' are hosted by hundreds of other companies who sell products.. Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc. If you have an issue with hosting parties or going to parties, all I can suggest to you is to avoid this line of work. And as far as Lia Sophia being out to make money --- I mean, DUH! All companies are out to make money except for non profit organizations.. And by the way, Lia Sophia donates jewelry, clothes, and proceeds to an organization that helps women in poverty stricken area apply for jobs and provides career training, called Dress for Success. I am not sure what your issue is with Lia Sophia, but I agree with the above blogger.. Sounds to me like you're from a different jewelry company trying to bad mouth us! And you didn't want to have "girl" fun at parties.. sure seems like you enjoy acting like a child to me.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Caban Nov 23, 2009

    I've been doing lia for 3 yrs and i have a lot of fun at my parties - yes i purchased a kit when i started the business. yes i purchase some of the jewelry because I love it. i don't have to since the company gives me plenty of ways to earn free jewelry.

    just to school the person who made the comment on lia being a pyramid. First of all to be considered a pyramid scheme a business a product that no one really wants and the really money is on recruiting others to do the business.

    You also mentioned that "Jewelry isn't replenishable" well every 6 months we have a new catalog so that we can keep up with the trends - I have hostess that have a party twice a year.

    as I mentioned I have been doing lia for 3 yrs never built a team (meaning I didn't recruit anyone into the business) and this year I have made $9000.00 working parties - it is what i do on Saturdays and I love it. there is no scheme here - just hard work.

    As for the trip - if you have certain sales they give you one tickets and certain sales to get two. Why should the company pay for your husband to go on a trip.

    We know the jewelry is bling and women love it.

    I wonder if you are from another jewelry company trying to make us look bad.


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