Les Schwab Tire Centersservice traction warning light

J Oct 09, 2019

I go to your tire center on Monday the 7th, return the 8th was told that it was a transmission problem. So I went to the shop recommenced by Jessie was told at transmission shop it's coming up with antilock code that it's something your tire center should be able to fix. So today I'm back again all they keep telling me is the transmission. Because they get no code. Well I googled the problem and get the wheel speed sensors are dirty need cleaning. Mean while today I filled out the survey that was sent to our email and Randy gave me attitude put his hand in my face and started taking to my husband. I told Randy it was my car he needed to talk to me. He ignored me very unprofessional. Pulling up codes 10 years back for transmission problem. The only 2 that were professional was Richard and Victor. When we talked to Richard the Saturday before he knew the exact problem. I refuse to tell anyone to go their anymore we will also no longer be doing business with you. My father will Alison never do business their anymore either. They also lied about me telling them the problem. As for The lady in the office she is rude but yet calling customers sweetie and hun some one is going to start a sexual harassment law suit on you one day. I should of the first time she called my husband hun and sweetie. After 3 days of course I'm pissed. Because their is no code they don't know how or what to do. So blame it on other things. The customer is always right that's how business goes. Management should not be putting their hand in a customers face. Just because I'm a women I know how to work on cars this is something I can't do but know what needs to be done. They never listened to a word I said the customer or the transmission shop. This problem is causing other issues as the transmission shop told me. I will not do any further business or recommend if these 3 people Randy, Jessie and Yalonda are no longer employed at this tire center. Email me at [protected]

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    This is the problem

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    As a Human Resource Consultant the first thing I would do is get rid of these kind of people. This is not how a manager should treat a customer. Why have had a lot of work done their in the past. I will make sure the customers their leave also.

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    Took it to a tire shop they put it on a computer and found a code for a short in the ABS module. Not the transmission. Randy’s $10, 000 computer is worthless. Unless something is done about manager Randy our account will not be paid.

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    I would like a response back about the actions taken on this complaint. [email protected]
    Thank you

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