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Sh Sep 28, 2019 AB

I brought couple of furniture for $3, 421 using the Leons Desjardins financing option as per sales person advised on July 07, 2017 order # 07079CAQSCP. It was a good choice for me to go for 36 months plan according to my family monthly expenses. Few days later I refund some of the items before it was scheduled to delivered. After a month later I again purchase $1000 items. But the never told me that financing option is locked that even if I returned some, I still have to pay monthly what I agreed. No, I already a pod for two financing processing fees and on top of that I have to pay two monthly payment as I purchased items in a separate time. So I went to the store and talked about customer service, payment processing manager and also store manger. All the time they just replied they could not help me. Later the manager told me he would update me in 2 days what he can do for me. It's been a month still two days never left. If store manage is such an irresponsible for customer service, then what to expect. Whether you can do it or not, when a manager commit to reply he should. Now I am paying monthly amount with interest as it hits severely on my monthly family expenses. No one there to reply or help me on this matter.

Leon's Furniture
Leon's Furniture

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