LensCrafterscustomer service

Mi Oct 06, 2019

Very disappointed and feel very taken advantage of by Lenscrafters. I purchased insurance for my daughter's pair of glasses, thinking that would be a great idea. About A week ago, we ordered a new pair of lens at LensCrafters Mall of Georgia in Buford, store ID 10-90. I was called on Friday, 10/4 to pick up the new lens. I went to the store for the swap, and they told me it would be approximately 2 hours for the cutting of the lens, and I would receive a phone call when they are ready; No problem I can browse the Mall for a couple of hours.
I never received a phone call that night, so I decided to go home and wait until the next day. I go in the next evening around 5 pm, rep pulls them out of an envelope, and tells me it would take 2 hours to cut. At this point, I ask to speak to a lead or manager. After looking into my concern, lead informs me they can't find the frames, so I ask to talk to the store manager. Desmond Donlin store manager approaches me and tells me he will look into the matter. After Patiently waiting, I ask Desmond Donlin for an update. He responds, " we are working on it, " I ask, "working on locating frames or cutting lens?" Mr. Donlin smiles deliberately and walks away. At this point, I am furious about the lack of disrespect and Ethics this store has provided. I get my refund for the lens co-pay and left with my daughter's old scratched lens. Definitely choose somewhere more professional, more open and upfront about was being done. Great job Lenscrafters, what a fine individual you have selected to represent store location 10-90 in Buford, GA

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