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Sa Oct 02, 2019 AB

I was in the deerfoot city location on Aug.27 2019 because i had insurance on my current glasses purchased from a year ago. I was in because i was looking for new glasses as my current glasses (TIFFANY) were very uncomfortable and too heavy and kept falling off my face. I was greeted by victoria after looking at glasses for about 5 minutes and i told her my problem and that i had insurance and she said no problem we can find different frames for you as your glasses are the "worst frames that are very heavy and slide down our face." I completely agreed with her and appreciated her transparency and wish i was told this before purchasing them from the market mall location. i could tell victoria just wanted to help me out and not upsell me on bigger brands. My Tiffany frames were $470 and i expressed i couldnt find any in that range that suited my face shape. she told me not to worry and the price difference on the glasses i was looking at ($300 range) could be used towards the next step up in my lens quality, i was very happy to hear that and continued my search. After about an hour and a half i had decided on a versace frame, had my photos taken a few times, learnt the lens difference and that it wont be as thick as my current lenses etc. After a total of 2 hours being in the store and completing everything it came down to the $50 payment that i WAS aware of and once i was at the till she told me the computer is not allowing her to do the lens upgrade and she will talk to the "supervisor" to fix the issue. she called the other lady over and they argued back in forth for a couple mins on how i cant and can get the lens upgrade. after 5 minutes she learned she couldnt give me the upgrade on the price difference which was extremely upsetting as my new total would be 110% more than the original price i was supposed to pay. I am a student and this is not within my budget for this year to pay the additional price. My friend who was accompanying me throughout the whole process (2 hours) tried to speak to the "supervisor" and then she told us she is not the supervisor and cannot do anything, then victoria said she is basically a supervisor as she has been here for "almost 20 years." we then asked to speak to the manager and she was not in so we got her card and called back the next day . My friend called Sherry, the manager at the location, and was trying to explain what had happened to us the day before and she immediately responded saying no multiple times and not even letting him finish the story . For a customer to reach out to the manager due to the employees actions and promises and have the manager yell no we cannot do anything and saying no multiple times is extremely upsetting. she got very aggressive in her words towards him and made it seem like we just wanted something out of it. she wouldnt even let us speak our side of the story and was not willing to either. my friend then got upset and asked if he could speak to someone above her and she said there is nobody above her position . this is a very odd and defensive answer which we know is NOT true. he then asked for an email to contact head office and she kept ignoring the question and saying there is no point in contacting them they cant do anything . after asking 3-4 times she said its on the main website under contact.

After being a loyal customer from when i was in second grade and referring many people to lenscrafters i was provided terrible customer service from the manager which is unacceptable. i am a business student and know for a fact this is not how a manager is supposed to work towards resolving a customer issue and usually i never complain but i want head office to be aware of this situation i was put in.
After hearing the new i was very upset I wouldnt be getting the "new lenses" that are a "greater upgrade than my current ones" and wont be seeing as clear - quoted from Victoria. either way i still wanted the glasses and decided to eventually pay over the phone ($52.50 premium) to get the new frames. Victoria told me the glasses take 10 days as i wanted to special order new frames and it never takes the full 10 days and i should be receiving them much sooner.
Today is September 5th, 2019 and i had still not heard anything from lenscrafters and decided it was very odd as i was quoted a certain time frame. my school had started on Tuesday and i have been without glasses the entire time . i called the store at 4:40 pm and the worker said my glasses have not been delivered yet i explained to her its been a while and was wondering if my order even went through, i was put on hold for 4 minutes and then she said they have been found and are ready for pickup. i then asked when they arrived she said Aug.31. I asked her how come nobody contacted me saying they are ready for pickup she explained that the computer said an email had been sent . i told her i havent received anything in my email saying my glasses are ready for pickup besides promos and survey email from my last visit . she explained to me a couple people have had the same issue of not receiving an email and there may be something wrong with the system. If glasses are sitting there from the 31st up until the fifth of septmeber how is it that nobody decided to contact me personally in case i did not receive an email?? Victoria had told me she would call me when they were ready and i would receive an email. this shows horrible customer service not just from one person but the employees who saw my glasses were sitting there and not been picked up for many days. I got off the phone with her and went in to the store to get my glasses. the girl who helped me was very kind and professional and was aware of my review that i had left. i explained to her my side of the story and she said the email may have been sent to your junk email . i pulled out my phone and updated my junk folder and saw that i received an email from lenscrafters that my glasses are ready for pick up at 4:43 pm. As i mentioned earlier, i had called the store at 4:40 pm and was told they already sent an email which i didnt and then i get an email 3 minutes after i called saying my glasses are ready. if there was an option to add files to this experience i would attach the screenshots of timing including the email and phone call i had made.

overall, i am extremely disappointed for the way i had been treated by a manager and the unprofessionalism from this location . i believe every customer should be treated professionally and listened to especially when they are unhappy and take their time to reach out to you (manager). I would like to thank the girl who helped me today as i felt like she truly cared about my experience and was willing to listen as a manager should.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read my experience and look forward to hearing back from someone about this situation .

thank you,


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