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LAWN CARE review: Unreliable Lawn Service

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Recently purchased a house with fenced in yard, and hired Southern Area Management from a referral. Bob quoted me a price of $90 monthly to cut my grass, edge, spray weeds, and adjust sprinkler heads, which sounded like a good deal. He was to come down every Wednesday, but could not give me a time. When I got the bill it was for $95, which I paid, as the yard was overgrown, even though I did cut all the trees and shrubs myself. Today, Wednesday, he did not show up, so I called him, and he said he had an Emergency. I told him if I did not know when he was coming down, I could not leave the gate open for him. He said he could not always be there as scheduled. Meanwhile, although he did cut the grass, it did not appear as though he did anything else as he had promised, so I called him back and fired him. I paid for 4 weeks of lawn care, but only received 3 weeks so far, so I would not recommend this company, even though Bob claims he works for realtors. He also appears to have anger management issues.

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