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Lara Devgan MD  -  bad eyelid surgery destroyed my eyes!!!

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Had eyelid surgery with lara devgan after she said it was the only fix for my concerns.
She did not do any pre-op testing to see if my eyelids were in good condition, I emailed many concerns prior to surgery about malposition change in eye shape, all were dismissed by this foolish doctor. She operated on me even though I came in with several swollen eye
I am left with severe eyelid retraction, major hollows and pulled down
Stay away from this terrible doctor!


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Dec 25, 2020 7:23 pm

Dr Lara Devgan is more of a marketer and only cares about money! She ruined my lips and I paid twice what I had been paying for my prior doctor. I was lured by her reivews in magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire- but when I met her I saw all she cares about is her "brand" not the actual patient. She pays a ton for publicity and her office tries to pressure you into buying her skincare. I bought her lash serum that is raved about in magazines and on instagram - IT DID NOTHING! Do not be cheated by LARA DEVGAN. She is an evil woman who only cares about her instagram, trying to milk you for money and promote her brand to make more money!

Jun 07, 2021 9:47 pm
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I agree 100% with everything said here. THE SOCIAL MEDIA IS FAKE / INFLATED. 500k+ followers, and you average maybe 100 likes a post? She has to have bought her followers. Making my botched surgery and extremely traumatic surgical experience at her "office" even worse (knowing now that I should have looked into her being a scam more before falling for the whole thing). STAY AWAY.


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