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C&Y never contacted me when they placed my newborn grandson from the hospital with strangers. They knew who I was and could have easily found out how to contact me, as I had raised my other grandson and they were involved with removing him from his parents home and placing him with me. They wore me down and refused to help me navigate the system despite the fact that I was approved for kinship care. They would not help, rarely returned calls if at all, , refused to give me accurate information on the process to have my grandson; and even made a racial comment about "Jews". I have never met my grandson and he was adopted by his foster parents after C&Y accused me of having my son live with me for a period that I had not reported to them, which was a complete, blatant lie. They told me they knew this to be true because my sons attorney talked to them (without my sons permission) and told them. The attorney told me that was not the case and that he knew my son was transient and could not tell when he was living with me because it was very sporadic . C&Y took a newborn baby from a chance of being raised by his loving Grandmother (I'm also a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has provided respite and foster care since approximately 2001 to present) who would have cared for, meticulously and loved him more then anyone else could. Now I think of him every day and love him from afar. I thought this was America and I had rights, however I have learned from this experience that in this country people often can only obtain rights when they purchase them with Lawyers whom are proficient in overcoming the power of agencies like Children and Youth of Lancaster. If I could have afforded those Lawyers and was not put through the hell, challenges and barriers C&Y betrothed me, I would be raising my flesh and blood with those who can love him like no other, his family.

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May 25, 2017 10:25 am

This is disgusting this is the second time I read a complaint about a persons religion they told another person they hate Catholics n since her boyfriend is catholic there keeping the baby from the parents n now there making racial slurs about Jews what backwards [censor] agency is this it seems like there an illegal adoption agency just giving babies away by taking them from there family this has to be investigated this should not go on I already seen a story were they terminated a mothers parental rights for no reason n is in the process of taking her second baby saying the baby is in danger when the mother is clean n not on any drugs n is NOT a danger to her baby we need to bring this fraud agency to light by exposing there wrong doings anyone who reads these posts n complaints need to post it on there social media accounts exposing these frauds so hopefully after much exposure will be investigated


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