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I had a bitter experience investing in lakshya india. This company lures people mentioning that it will multiply their money about 60 times in a year if the company keeps on achieving 100% growth every month and it claims to achieve 100% growth every month on website which is not true at all. I was supposed to receive 4800 as referral and the person was supposed to get the same amount i.e. 4800 while we received 4300 as gross amount and the reason stated was poor team performance. If this is the case, then why the hell they mention such a exponential growth. And their customer service is damn bad who never take the call. I would suggest you all not to invest in lakshya. They are merely cheating people.


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    lakshya Jul 15, 2009


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    getwealth100 Jul 17, 2009

    You are fortunate man. At least u got some money. But from this June month onwards there is no payout for many of the investors. I am also one of the victim. Yes. This company is cheating. For this one and a half years they got enough money invested. From this June month they started their cheating. Many of the customers do not get their payment yet including me and when asked in the company there is no proper response. They are saying that there is some problem going on in the company and the payouts will be payed soon, but they do not mention when. Anyway, some problem is started in the company now and it is not good to invest in the company. My investment is only 5000 so that it is ok, but I want to caution the new investors not to invest for their safety. Please be aware...I am giving this feedback to all consumer complaints websites because at least the people who are going to invest will have to be alert and not invest in the company...Be God save everybody...

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    shashtry Aug 05, 2009

    I am active member of Lakshya. I am regularly getting money as per the plan till now. My up line as well down line are getting credits in their bank a/c regularly. The amount varies from 300/- to 2-4 lakhs PM.
    Your apprehension is obvious, but my dear, the risk taking is inherrant facto in any business of investment. You can not earn big money unless u take the big risk. Did you ask any body how the AMBANIS, SATYAMS, GM etc, investors in SHARE, grew in 1-2 decades & few failed. It is becoz of their management skills. Success & failure is part of business cycle and the risk & gains are directly related to. Positive risks always give positive results. The co may be going through some technical & internal problems, & i understand that they would overcome these shortly.Finally it is the faith in your co & investment matters. I am getting my money & of my down line regularly & co would keep up their plan for which i am confident, & even though if you get 50% of co plans in a year is fantastic deal. So my dear friends be positive, follow the law of more risk more money as billions are investing in share markets with 100% uncertainty . BEST OF LUCK BUDDY...9739915681

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  • Si
    Simmy Aug 05, 2009 is a scam. I lost my 2 lakh rupees by them. that is the intial stage of my optio trading. Never join. ie 18-6-2008, the value reduced 21 points and the Christubalan asked me to hold. The entire amount was vanished. That time he is charging 20000 per week never join

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    sunlight_mech Aug 11, 2009

    yes, even I'm also not getting payouts last two months. I think they started cheating...

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    AmitBSC Aug 13, 2009

    I have just joined Lakshya india in the month of June and got my payout in july, although they have not paid in August but If you visit their site July has been declared as the bonus month and this will be carried forward to August.As you can also see that the upgradation is being done on the system that could not be the problem that you did not receive the payout, but I believe you will get it soon and the full payout ofcourse after deduction of the Taxes as per the Law.So I appeal not to worry but to be with the company you have trusted enough to invest in it...

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  • Aj
    ajaykanak Aug 20, 2009

    my dear friends the company is offering u such huge returns without u even such lifting a finger
    then y r u ppl complaining what ever u get b happy anyways u hav ur product
    dnt be so greedy

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  • Vi
    vishwabalaa Sep 07, 2009

    i am ready answer your queries ring up @ 97 87 333 240...

    Mr.Dilip & all the peoples,

    Fine india is also facing lot of problems because of heavy transactions held in their accounts... They are not paying the payouts to those investors...

    Nowadays all the marketing companies as well as Investment Companies are facing these types of problems because of huge transactions...

    So in that case all the companies are liable to answer the queries from Government especially Central Excise & Income Tax Dept... If the problems has been cleared in the sense then we can afford it...

    My payments also pending in L.I... i hav to get back my principle... & also u...
    And also for Lakshya india has been changed the total plan with prospective manner & hereafter we cant book the products in advance, ..
    In previous days either we have to purchase or we can make it as advance... But now everyone should purchase their products & they should sell the products like Diamond Jeweleries, Electronics etc., to the public & they Share the benefits from their Business Profits to us... Now it becomes pure marketing company authorized to sell the products... Hope It should happen...

    Regarding Mahamantra the plan is as same as Magic Angel, but still we are not receiving any payouts from Magic Angel from Pune... And also one more example Iswaryam from T.N.(same 6 Months Concept)...
    It is also a risk to take such companies which is having 6 Months concepts...
    Beware before join...

    Hope everything should run smoothly... & we should get back our Principle amounts...

    @ 97 87 333 240...
    @ [email protected]

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  • Vi
    vishwabalaa Sep 13, 2009

    Feel free to ring up @ 97 87 333 240..., @ 90 420 10 950/960..., @ 90 422 78 578...

    Mr. sam & all,

    I am also invested 3 lakhs in sankalp business, it seems very good & for the payout of october month I was received the sms on sept 01 & the amount rs.53, 000 has been credited on the date of 2nd sept itself...

    How fast it was...? unbelievable... I dont have such experience in any of the companies... & also the company is having a steady income plan for all those members whoever committed with money sankalp after 2 years...

    Today they are in meeting at bokaro steel plant which is comes under central government... most of the employees are willing to join in sankalp business so that only the company itself has arranged such a big meeting in the government place itself...
    See how legal they are...?

    Such a good auditing reports they are maintaining for each & every transactions...
    And if any of the person wants to put rs.80, 000 in money sankalp in the sense simply he cant make the deposit full amount in the bank.. the limit is only 50, 000 for deposit... remaining amount he should pay in some other banks or the person should deposit those rs.80, 000money by cheque or dd... and no ever committed for handling of hot cash... such a good precautionary strategy they are following... e these peoples are having such practical experience bcoz of lakshya india, fine india, etc.,

    Also there vision & mission & objectives are looking very good in nature when compare to other marketing companies & very top most thing is good customer care support...

    While in inauguration itself the company was enrolled rs. 9, 00, 000 as entries from the members & step by step they are improve like anything...

    Sankalp will change all the atmosphere...

    Warm regards,
    @ 97 87 333 240... @ 90 420 10 950/960... @ 90 422 78 578...

    @ [email protected]

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  • Sr
    SRP Oct 10, 2009

    Dear all
    Lakshya is back after solving all problems. it is came back with us like phoenix, why we go for other companies when our trustworthy lakshya remains with us. its a great company run by great peoples...

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  • Sr
    sreesai Apr 10, 2011

    I have invested in this company. Within 3 months it has stopped the operation and i lost my money.

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