CB Other Review of Lab Charge LLC in Richmond, Texas
Lab Charge LLC in Richmond, Texas

Lab Charge LLC in Richmond, Texas review: Best ionic air purifier for smoke, pet odor, chemical odor, material off-gassing odor or mold

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I never got anything from them, no email or product, until I disputed the charge with Pay Pal. So they real quick got something to send me and sent Pay Pal a proof of delivery. They delivered something, but it was in no way related to what I paid for as described above from their own receipt. What I got was a 3" x 6" sache with odor controlling abilities. It stinks. I want it out of my house. Pay Pal has denied my claim. I am livid. I intend to sue them in small claims court.

Desired outcome: Pay Pal has denied my claim and Chase bank says they can't help me with it. At this point I have no outcome except losing $135. Stick with Holmes. They back up their product.

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