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So, my golf team travels to kennewick washington 2-3 times per year... About $1500 in total sales. We arrived at 6 pm on 3/21. The hotel was in complete renovation mode. Dust and dirt everywhere. No lobby, no common area, no pool. We were never told. There's a sign at the entry telling us that we wouldn't be charged if we wanted to find another hotel. 8 kids, long trip, 6 pm... Finding a new hotel (w no po) was not possible. Again, we were never told either when we made the reservation or when we confirmed the day before. I sent a review to the manager who responded with a terse response, no effort to make it right just "sorry it didn't meet your standards". I responded that my standards are irrelevant. Laquinta's standards were in question. I asked for her supervisor's contact information and requested that she make this situation right. She never even responded!

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      Apr 09, 2019

    I'm just sent this reply to the manager, Jill Ward:


    Thank you for the response. A few things...

    1) You need to check with your early Saturday morning front desk person about the hot water issue. He was making a list and said he would check on it. I never said the entire team or 10 rooms, I said the majority of the rooms in our 10 room block had not hot water. Again, check with you front desk person.  We all left the hotel by 7am Saturday morning so nobody would have said anything directly to you. I find it hard to believe you are not in touch with these issues.

    2) The hotel should not be open for habitation in it's current state. There are construction materials in unrestricted open space throughout the lobby area. There are exposed wires in wall light fixtures in the hallways leading to guest rooms. There are exposed nails facing up on boards on the floor in an unrestricted open area by the balcony overlooking the lobby. There are trip hazards by the elevators where the tile meets the untiled/uncarpeted area. There is dust construction dust everywhere. The side fire exit doors were posted with do not use.

    3) No mention was made of the fact that construction or renovation of the hotel was in process during a call to your hotel (I assume we spoke to you, as it was a female "manager") four weeks ago. Nor is there any mention of construction on your website. You have a sign posted on your counter which allows for cancellation at the front desk at time of check-in...YOUR GUESTS NEED TO BE MADE AWARE OF THIS AT TIME OF BOOKING, NOT AT TIME OF CHECKIN. THIS IS VERY UNETHICAL FOR YOU TO DO!!!  We would have cancelled and rebooked but there were NO hotel rooms available in the tri cities area for that weekend at time of check-in.

    I'd like to talk to the owner or somebody who can both make this right with my group and make this right for future guests. Who can I talk to that can do something more than offer a 15% discount?

    BTW - I've noticed this issue (number 2 above) and your hotel's behavior (number 3 above) is starting to be posted on social media, review boards and complaint boards appears a golf group the weekend of April 1 encountered the same issues. I suggest you make your ownership aware and you start working the front desk on Friday afternoons and Saturday's rather than leaving it to your staff who take the brunt of the irate customers.

    Thank you.


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