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LA Fitness Health ClubFraud and stealing!

In November of 2008 I was forced to cancel my gym membership due to the fact I was laid off from my job. Both my son and I had memberships which they automatically debited from my bank account every month. We went to the gym and they gave us each cancellation forms to fill out and informed us if we put them in the mail within the next couple of days I would only be debited for December. Of course having been laid off we put both forms in the mail that very same day.

When I checked my bank account for February 2008 I noticed LA Fitness deducted one membership fee. I was a little puzzled and upset. I then checked January and sure enough they debited me for January as well. I quick called the center and when they looked up my account it showed that my son's account had been canceled but not mine. I said this was impossible since both forms were mailed on the same day. If they misplaced the form I don't think I should have to pay for it. I also explained that since the day I canceled the membership I had not stepped foot in the gym and they can look that up. She said unfortunately they don't keep track of that and no way to look it up. Even though every time you go they scan your pass on the computer (hard to believe there is no way to know).

I asked her to credit back my account for January and February and she said she will credit back February but was unable to credit back January since I did not notify them in January. I explained to her the reason I canceled was because I was laid off and could not afford this fee. I pretty much got an 'oh well sorry about your luck'.

I then asked for the number to the corporate office and of course they didn't have a number nor anyone else I could speak with. This all took place this week and I have not received my credit as of yet. Somehow I get the feeling I'm not going to see this credit anytime soon.

In my opinion they were very unprofessional, unorganized and show no compassion for their clients. They are only looking out for themselves. I would never recommend this gym to anyone unless they want to be ripped off.


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    Mary Aug 25, 2008

    I definitely agree with you! Not only are they unfair to their paying members, but to their employees. I'm furious of how they run their business! All they care about is making their money. Their motto is to do whatever it takes to make that money! And when employees don't make what is expected of them, you get the boot. On top of all that, they are very unprofessional. They don't care about their employees or their members. Can you imagine working national holidays with out holiday pay? Or, being over-staffed so that everyone works less than full time, so the company doesn't get stuck having to provide benefits. Oh! The managers! They would like to think they possess so much power, that they feel they have the right to treat their employees like dirt! I wish their was someone in their line of authorities who knows what is legal and what's not when running a business so this unfair treatment will stop. If not, maybe making a complaint to the better business bureau will do some justice...

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