Kroger / store clerk

Ta Aug 13, 2019

I went into the store with product my husband but I want to customer service and ask them if I can go ahead and leave the stuff here or shop and get the stuff I need so I can get the stuff exchange because my husband got the wrong product is it going to tell you bag up put it in your car and come back with the stuff that you want to exchange I did so however it turned out the product did not come from Kroger therefore I did not exchange the product I was leaving the store as I was leaving the store the store clerk that saw me in the aisle shopping came to the door stop me accused me of stealing told another store clerk or the store manager I assume that the stuff that I have in my bag is missing off of the shelf and I did not purchase it however customer service just told me that the stuff that is my bag does not exist on your shelves. False accusations.Lying

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