L Galesburg, IL

Upon checkout, I had two seperate orders. One for myself, and one for my son (in Iraq). I was purchasing birthday gifts for my son to give to his niece and nephew as he couldn't be here. When I wrote out the check, she refused to take it without his license. I explained that he was in Iraq, and I had power of attorney. She still refused. I explained that I've been taking care of his financial business for the past 2 yrs while he is over there. She seemed put out and made a phone call. Explained to the person on the other end that "there was a lady here who is trying to pay for items with a check from her son who is supposedly in Iraq. SUPPOSEDLY!...Hello, he is part of a big reason she wakes up every morning alive! It took all I had not to tell her so. She then made another phone call and couldn't get someone on the line. Said to me she just can't take the check. I told her I would write another check with my checkbook and take care of it later for him to reimbuse me. I have not had anyone question me in the 2 yrs he has been away, and I have made numerous purchases with his check book. Christmas / Birthdays/ Bills/ home products /...I will not return to this store, I will do my business elseware. I do not appreciate someone who does not appreciate our men in the military. The many hours and dangerous work they put into keeping our country safe.

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