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7:27 pm EDT
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I would strongly suggest that if you are thinking of buying a puppy from Missy @ Kinni River Springers, I would look up the definition of a "puppy mill" first. This is the definition via the ASPCA: A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation that places profit over the well-being of its dogs—who are often severely neglected—and acts without regard to responsible breeding practices.

I have never dealt with a breeder as rude as Missy was. She was very friendly until she received our down payment. Then she turned quite rude, and was put off by phone calls. She is a pro at screening calls too, so don't expect her to answer you or return your call. Once we submitted our down payment, she emailed the contract. Be wary, and make sure you comb through the "CONTRACT" that she supplies you. She has all her bases covered so you can not even speak to her on a human level. She immediately becomes defensive and tells you to read your paperwork. We love our puppy, but we wound up with a pup that came with no shot records, or AKC papers. She blamed that on the airline she shipped the pup through. Apparently, she doesn't bother registering her litters either unless you pay extra for the papers. I wouldn't have had a problem with this, and offered to pay the AKC fee. She wanted to charge me for the entire litter since no other purchaser requested them. Unbelievable! This allows her to continually breed her dogs without their being any record of how much they over breed their poor dogs. When the dogs have outlived their usefulness to her, she sells them. I would NEVER recommend this breeder to anyone.

I used to raise Springers, but only allowed my female to have 2 litters. We also did not breed her on her very next heat cycle after she whelped. When I sold our puppies, interviews with the potential families were required. We actually became friends with all the pups owners, an still have friendships with many of them today. Once we were sure our pups were going to a good home, they were sent with a folder that included the pups shot records, AKC papers, photos of the pup from birth to 8 weeks, a blanket, bandanna, and a toy. I don't expect every breeder to handle their pups the same way, but I do expect a little compassion toward the animals & the people that purchase their pups. I would NEVER recommend this breeder to anyone.

Sarah Alyce
, US
May 29, 2023 8:48 am EDT
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We got two springer puppies from Missy and it was a wonderful experience! The kennel itself is a beautiful location. The pups are clearly well cared for and Missy was a pleasure to work my with. I’ve only had rescue dogs before and Missy was super responsive to all my questions. I would highly recommend Kinniriver Springers to anyone.

Beloit, US
May 18, 2023 1:57 pm EDT

I have had the honor to purchase not 1 but 2 dogs from Missy. My first was about 6 years ago, a male puppy. The second was a female adult - that's right an adult dog! They are both everything I could want in a dog (and then some). Both of my Kinni dogs love people of all ages and other animals (well maybe not the squirrels)!

I have had NO HEALTH ISSUES - not even cherry eye (which is genetic to many breeds not just ESP which has something to do with a "second" lid - I had a cocker spaniel who had one. It was corrected with surgery - no other issues with him (he lived to 17 yrs old and in great health) and no he was not a Kinni dog/puppy).

At the time of pickup I received all the necessary paper work and was given a few extras in the form of food, blanket, and a leash and color for the female adult dog!

I had the best experience with Kinni River Springers. All my emails were received and commented on when necessary.

Just one more comment on my female "adult" dog. She was being retired from breeding. She was in great health and still is. I had her spade within 30 days after picking her up per my contract with Missy. No issues with temperament or her health. I had absolutely no issues bringing her into a new home. She adjusted quickly and without any issues. Unless you want to count the fact that she thinks all her treats should be given to her on her favorite pillow...yeah not sure what that is about.

I would recommend Kinni River Springers whether it is for a puppy or an adult dog.

Marjorie Lee Goodell Banovetz
, US
Dec 05, 2022 8:13 am EST

I got my female springer 10 1/2 years ago from missy and she is the best pup ever. Sweet and kind and loves kids. My pups mother only bred once and then Missys daughter took over and trained the mother. So I know she doesn't give all of her adults away. I would buy from missy again. she was wonderful when I was looking at getting a sable black tipped roan and when one was born she contacted me to let me know. That is how I got my Seneca. The best pup ever. Thanks Missy.

Pam Nickel
Winnetka, US
Sep 08, 2022 3:42 pm EDT

We bought our tri-colored Springer Spaniel from Missy and had a FABULOUS experience. Our Kobe will be three years old on 9/20/22, and he is an AMAZING, HEALTHY, SMART, and absolutely GORGEOUS dog!❤️🐶❤️ Missy was amazing through the entire process from the down payment to our pickup. I couldn’t believe how clean & lovely their farm was & I believe Missy is also the mother of 5 children. Their children give the puppies love and attention before going to their new home! They are also into horseback riding, and they are just an animal loving beautiful family. Kobe was freshly bathed & had all his shots upon pickup. I send Missy pictures of Kobe now & then and she always responds. We know several other families on the North Shore of Chicago that highly recommended Missy & Kinni River.😊 Keep up your incredible kennel.🐶❤️🐶

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Jblech Smith
, US
Jun 09, 2022 8:46 am EDT

I also bought a puppy from Missy. My female a blk/tri is now 7 yrs old. The mother I wanted my pup from had no blk tri females, so I had to wait for the first female that was born. About a year later a blk/tri female was born. I loved her and took her home for less than 24 hours. I had paid the extra for breeding rights,but this pup had an eye issue called cherry eye. She told me it can be corrected with surgery.

Yes, that's correct, but cherry eye is heredity. Why would I breed a dog with hereditary problems. No, she is not a repelletal breeder. You can buy a puppy a lot cheaper else where, if you don't care about the health and heritage of the sire and [censored] she's breeding. If you're serious about the Springer breed., beware buying from Kinni River Springer's.

Northridge, US
Oct 28, 2021 10:35 am EDT

I got my puppy from KinniRiver springer s and was very happy with my experience and puppy. I flew in from California to pick him up and went to their home and saw where he was born and both of his parents. It was beautiful there and not a puppymill Missy was sweet helpful and very nice. I highly recommend this as a place to get a great ESS puppy or adult. It's a shame people love to complain and belittle others.
Carry on KinniRiver Springers your loved in California!

, US
Oct 15, 2015 8:21 am EDT

I was notified by email that this complaint was filed. Iam not sure the reason the person felt the need to do so after reading it I come up with the shot record was lost in flight? I have never received any phone messages from this person only a email stating there was no shot record when they picked up the puppy from the airpiort. I have shipped pups for many years and never had any issues with taping the food and shot record to the top of the crate. If it was lost in flight im sorry but have no control of that. I did email back the dates/ages of the deworming and the age and shot info as soon as she emailed me. She states how she shipped pups when she raised pups... Well mine get a blanket, rawhide and a toy at shipping so Im not sure what more I could include to make it more comfrtable for the puppy. She also states about the AKC papers I sell 99% of my pups with a spay/neuter contract and from years of doing this now know most families do not care about the papers since they are fixed and not breeding them. So instead of wasting money on the litter forms to just sit in a folder I dont order then unless requested and I do ask that fee(the puppy/processing fee that akc requires). This info is all on the website and contract so if that was not acceptable I would have went to another breeder. I record all litters with AKC and state. All pups are vet checked the week they leave and issued a cvi (certified vet inspection report) which is sent home with every family and the vet sends a copy to the state. So EVERY litter is recorded. This is state law! Since this pup was shipped it had the flight health cert otherwise it would not have been allowed to fly. Im inspected every 18 month with AKC & State of WI and all regulations must be followed or you will not get your license at that point and will be required to fix issues. I have the 20 page report and not 1 issue. I will gladly email it to anyone that requests it. Im not sure if the word "puppy mill" was just thrown in there because its clear to me she is unclear what that means. We have 10 breeding adults and our dogs are loved and well cared for as the reports show and satisfied customers report back. She stated the puppy they love and was healthy so again unclear why we are being accused of being a puppy mill. Yes I do rehome our adults after they retire from breeding at around age 5 or 6. If I did not do this I would not beable to continue to have breeding adults I would not have the room. It is the hardest part of this job since we have most since a puppy but there are just as many families out there wanting to love an adult dog and not go through that puppy stage so they are found loving homes and we keep in touch and even visit a few that are close enough to do so. So again Im confused on the complaint as to why it was done as this is the only thing I do and take pride in our dogs and puppies and want them to go to loving families. I also have 2 daughters in school so with sports, dance and horse shows Im not always avail I do state that emails are the best way of contacting me on the website and try to respond as soon as possible which I did in this situation with the shot record info.

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