King Sooperspharmacy department

An Oct 10, 2019

On 10/9/2019 at 6:50 PM I went to the Pharmacy Drive thru. There were 3 people working in the pharmacy. I pushed the button and was told that they would be right with me. After 10 minutes I pushed the button again. I was told that they would be right with me. I pushed the button again after waiting 15 and 20 minutes. I could see customers inside getting waited on and they came AFTER me. I pushed the button again and a pharmacy technician by the name of Irene S. said she would be right with me. Then she proceeded to open another register to wait on the customers inside that were there AFTER me. The customer that Irene was checking out inside happened to be a friend of mine. Irene told the costumer that she was going to make me wait even longer now because I kept pushing the button. I finally beeped my horn several times. Irene gradually work her way over to the drive thru area when she didn't have anymore customers inside to wait on. By that time there was a long line of cars waiting. When Irene finally waited on me she was very IGNORANT!! Irene pretended like she didn't hear me say my name and had me repeat it several times, then she took her sweet time locating my medications. I waited 25 minutes at the pharmacy drive thru. Why does King Soopers have a drive thru pharmacy when they don't have competent staff that can help customers in a timely manner?? Why does King Soopers hire rude, unprofessional pharmacy technicians? Irene S. should be fired!!

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