King Soopersproduct return

K Jul 31, 2019 Review updated:

I shop at this store frequently ... my wife had a stroke and she is trying to regain some independence back she bought the wrong lotion and i tried to exchange it at the customer service counter the king Soopers employee the asked wen it was purchased and what time??? . I explained hat does it matter ..and said he couldn't do it i asked for a manager JONATHAN usless person he said i couldn't do it because of my attitude i explained to him what the time i purchased the product mattered ! He had the nerve to call security on me ! I think this store has been going down hill for some time now! They need to Hire some people with some customer service skills

  • Updated by kenneth roybal · Aug 01, 2019

    It sounds like you work for this incompetent company! All the service clerk had to say let me pull the security cameras while you do your shopping ( valued customer ) and i be happy to refund the product or exchange it ! Don't forget about the customer that's how these employee's get paid...

  • Updated by kenneth roybal · Aug 01, 2019

    "Poor Jonathan ! " What a Buffoon ! Hes got someone that runs interference for his Incompetencies ! That's going to be his life long problem so your going to stay busy defending this Clown! Manager HA!HA ! ... Poor King Soopers...

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