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Kinetic Pro review: Ordering site

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I saw an ad online for the Kinetic Pro smartwatch. It appeared to have many of the features that my wife wanted. We had looked together through the site. I began the order process. It required a credit card for the watch so I entered the information. Next, it offered for sale a charger - nothing on the site said it was sold separately - they always come with the watch. It was an additional $15 but I paid. Next, it stated I had to buy the wristband separately which always comes with the watch. I tried to find a way to cancel the order but there was none. I tried to go back to the page where I entered the credit card information but there was no way to do so. I sent emails asking to cancel but received responses such as to send more information which I did. So, the final tally was $75 for a watch without a wristband and a charger when the original cost was supposed to be $49 - a 50% increase for nothing! Pro Kinetic never responded to my requests to cancel but later I got an email it had shipped. I filed a dispute with my credit card company. I have not got a resolution yet. I usually research these online before I buy. I wish I had. Don't buy a Kinetic Pro Smartwatch.

Desired outcome: Please refund my money!

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