Kindercareterrible experience!

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Do not work for this company or take your child there. They will say anything to get you to bring your child there. Believe me, they try to brainwash staff into telling the parents anything they want to hear to get parents to bring their kids to the center. They say they want to make sure the things happening in the center are in the best interest of the children. What a crock!!! All they care about is the money.

Staff are paid crap and are overworked. They are expected to work overtime and make everything seem perfect for the parents, but it is all for show. They want you to do all these activities with the kids but don't supply the materials you need to do them. Then you get in trouble when you don't do them.

Kids are treated improperly. They are physically and emotionally abused and its not taken care of properly. Staff are treated improperly. They hire people who will work for the least amount of money. Parents are treated improperly. They are charged ridiculous amounts of money to send their kids there and their kids don't get any of what the managers tell parents they will get if they bring their kid there.

I had a parent who I was friends with that their kid heard the assistant director talking to another teacher about going out and getting drunk. Then driving home drunk. Her kid was so scared to get on the bus with this person (the assistant) because the kid thought she would be drunk, that my friend took her kid out of the school. When she went to the head of the center, she was told that the assistant director would be talked to. What?!? She was talking about drunk driving in front of the kids. I left there right after that. I don't want to work with someone like that. Nothing was done about this. Scary!

Avoid this place at all costs!


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    christina martinez Aug 09, 2008

    Do not judge all kindercares by this one. All kindercares are not all the same. My child goes to kindercare in Chula Vista California and i love it there. The staff is very friendly and the assistant director and director are very nice and the children are well taken care of. You might have gotten a bad experience by this kindercare and not all kindrecares are like this.

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  • Ja
    jan Aug 21, 2008

    oh my. I jsut read the cpmplaint about Sicklerville nj. How does one know exactly HOW the children are being treated when we arent there. So we hope that the child will tell us but sometimes they MAy be too scared or think it s just the way its supposed to be. I just hung up with a kindercare in Delran nj. and they will send me information but gees. My s-i - worked for a child care organization and hated the way the children were being spoken too and she left. A mother there sent her child to daycare with the asssurance that the childs diaper would be changed. well she put an x on the inside of the diaper to see andthe x was still there when she got her child at the end of the day. the mother complained and the day care worker was fired. my s i l was called back in to work. after quitting.

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  • Ja
    jan Aug 21, 2008

    Is anyone out there familiar with the Delran NJ facility?

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  • Sh
    Sheri Nov 20, 2008

    I completly agree with the complaint posted by Marcus. All Kindercare cares about is money. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN!! They are treated like cows being herded. Horrible place. If only the state agencys cared more about the rules and regulations of child care providers. I can not count how many times i was there and they were out of ratio. They seem to have a recurring problem of teacher shortages... could it be they treat thier employees poorly as well? my bet would be yes.

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  • Lo
    Lola Nov 26, 2008

    My children attend this KinderCare and it is wonderful. The staff are like family, the managment is incredible. My kids really love coming to Erial Kindercare everyday. The curriculum is great and my kids are really growing and learning. As far as the bus issue my daughter rides the bus and adores the assistant director/bus driver. She is very warm and caring and I have complete confidence in her ability in managment and feel safe knowing that she is transporting my child.
    What people do on there own time is their own business. And you cannot always believe everything a child says. Whoever this person is obviously has a grudge with this center and does not truely know what goes on at this center. I am proud to say that my kids are KinderCare kids. As far as the money you cannot put a price tag on your child.

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  • Op
    openbook Feb 20, 2017

    @Lola well you lucked out having a good daycare. I worked at a kindercare and I know that the parents do not know what goes on when they aren't there. the children are yelled at, humiliated, pulled by their shirts and arms. Your child is only there before and after school, I'm assuming, since you say she rides the bus, so she isn't there when all hell breaks lose in the class and the teachers start getting impatient and start yelling.

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    Michelle Jan 12, 2009

    Wow I have worked for KinderCare for 12 years and at first I thought it was a great place to work and was a wonderful place for children. I the first 8 years of my employment I believe it was a great place for teachers and children. KinderCare was inquired by a company called Knowledge Learning Centers. This is when KinderCare changed for the worse. KinderCares standards flew out the door. I was a peer trainer, a peer trainer is a Director of her own center working with the district manager to grow employees and new Directors in the area and help them achive success. I was able to travel to all the centers in the state of Indiana and have seen several in many other states. I am here to tell you I have see a lot of things that would make you sick! I am not going into detail but feel free to use your imagionation. The complaints you have read are very tipical of KinderCare Learning Centers. Yes they are money hungry as is any business. The difference is the quality is no longer in the centers. Yes they have curriculum, and some even have nice teachers. You may walk into a classroom and see curriculum posted and a teacher doind what seems is teaching. This is a show!!! There are some teachers at KinderCare that my really use the curriculum on a daily basis but is not tipical at all. I have seen a small handfull of teachers that were quality. But with my travels and experience in the centers I have see, and I have see more than I cand count, the teachers, Directors, and Assistant Directors are a joke. They are told to get every penney from the parents that they can squeeze. They have gone as far as baking cookies that you can scoop out of a plastic tube place on a baking sheet and sell them to the parents "children" to help their bottom line. They are to think of things that they can sell "ANYTHING" to earn more money. KinderCare also offers Learning Adventures... Wow what a joke... This is a program where you sign your child up to learn to read, learn mathe skills and even Spanish. Wow!!! I can only tell you do not waste your money. The Learning Adventures are another way for the centers to collect more money for their bottom line. The centers will even have contests to see who can sell the most classes... What your child is getting is alone time with as many as 8 other students at different learning levels and practice letters which they shoul be learning in class everyday. As far as the quality of care from the teachers...well the complaints are very true. I have seen and delt with situations that discuss me. I have witnessed Corp. allowing teachers to remain in a classroom after a family or another employee complain abuse. This has happened far too often then not. Some of the Directors will go to great lenghts to cover up problems. The teachers are trained to butter up the parents when it is pick up and drop off time. As far as the rest of the day, it is sad in some centers.

    Please be aware of who is with your children each and everyday. I love children and I want the best for the future of the United States. Good luck to all of you who are on the hunt for a real quality preschool.

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  • Ch
    Chelsi walter Sep 19, 2019

    @Michelle Hello, I am at a place called Vancouver knowdlge beginnings and it’s through Kindercare and I have a similar issue with a employee threatening me (the coworker), and spreading rumors of abuse that’s not true. Multiple staff have told management and they don’t do anything. She still works there and managements response to that is “she does that to everyone don’t take it personally”. She yells at the kids and rough houses with the children. I used to be in a class that she’s in now and my kids come up to me and say “I’m scared of her” don’t tell her”. Again management knows and she’s one of the head teachers now. Not only did they put her and children in a unsafe position but they took me out of the class after this all happened. A parent asked me why I was in the class because I was in there previously, and I told her I was giving the break(to same coworker), and she low key said that she doesn’t want the employee being in that class and another teacher said we just don’t talk about it, again management has not said anything or done anything to keep people safe.

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  • Ch
    Chelsi walter Sep 19, 2019

    @Michelle I had to call the ethic line as no one is doing anything

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  • Vp
    Vperez Jan 21, 2009

    Yes KinderCare is not a place you want to take your kids.
    They all just sit around and talk while the children are doing what ever. They dont even call when something serious happens to your children, but are quick to call when your bill is late.
    They let you come and find your baby all bruised up. They lie and say they tried calling you but no one answered. I guess they dont believe in calling the other 3 numbers they have or voicemail. I mean come on!!! We're paying to find our kids all jacked up when we get there.
    The only thing they are concerned about is having enrollments and money. And what makes it worse is they cant even keep they're stories straight when you confront them.
    I am so glad I do not deal with Kinder Care any longer. Thank God we got away from those fraud people.

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  • Ih
    iheartj Jan 23, 2009

    My son was injured(bruised, bitten to where the skin was broken, scratched)on a daily basis and the directors did nothing to change the situation. they promised me they would do tons of changes but NOTHING was ever done. This is truly a terrible business and they should not be aloud to get away with injuring children for pay!

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  • Sw
    sweettinka Feb 01, 2009

    I work for kindercare all they care about is money the kids luch look like dog food they work the teacher like dogs for only $9.00 hour

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  • Be
    beenthere Feb 18, 2009

    After working for KinderCare for a year and a half, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be on the outside. Obviously, I was not there for the money. I was there for the children. I thought I could make a difference. Sadly, so many of these posters are right. Whether this one PA facility is the only one like it or there are many, I could no longer put "on the show" for the parents.
    Accredited kindergarten at your KinderCare? Be sure you know your teachers credentials. We had a high school graduate teaching at ours.
    Naptime? Um...let's see how early we can get them down and keep them down on those filthy plastic mats without sheets?
    Diaper changing? Do you seriously believe I want to be in a room with a teacher who has just changed 10 diapers without washing her hands?
    And the Learning Adventures program...HUGE rip off in my prep time for the teacher and this should be taught within the classroom!
    Materials for curriculum? Good luck getting them! I do think I spent more on the kids than KinderCare did.
    Rules? Regulations? The center I worked at was more interested in finding a way around those rules than complying with them.
    Do yourself a favor, before making any committment to a childcare center, stop in frequently. Take note of their daily schedule. Why is the preschool taking a 3 hour nap?? So the teachers can all take breaks because they are understaffed. If the lights are out, the state ratio doubles so one teacher can then be alone with 20 children.
    Sad but true.

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  • Pa
    Pamela Thorum Mar 29, 2009

    Oh, How True!
    I was just fired as a KinderCare teacher (I am 54 years old with experience and a teaching degree). I reported an incident of a 22 year old taking all his clothes off and taking another child's clothes off and inserting his finger into her vaginal area(read:VAGINA) I reported it and was questioned as to " Did you see the actual vagina, was she spread eagle" MY GOD, I know the answer they wanted!!! YES, I KNOW WHERE A VAGINA IS!!! We are mandated to report suspicious behavior...I was intimadated NOT to report it. I was terminated one week later after being on suspension for an entire week. Upon termination I voiced my concern over this child. My supervisors stated they too "had feelings" and were keeping a close eye on the situation"!!! Is that not MANDATED suspecision??? I was told that it is company policy to side with the 'chid". This particular mother that reported me for saying inappropriate things is known to be dishonest with this center although she and I have NEVER had any confortations.
    Teachers of the center can be of high quality but management can really crush the quality of care with it's policies.

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  • Me
    Meko Jul 15, 2009

    I'm in the Deep South and worked for KinderCare for about 18 months. First, I'd like to say that we were NAEYC accredited and the director took that seriously. She always corrected us if we were doing ANYTHING against regulations. My friend and I taught 4's and 3's respectively, and we DID notice that we were the ONLY teacher's there USING their curriculum. We had a blast doing our lessons. We did each and every thing in our Early Foundations book. But yes, we did have to buy our own supplies. We would make our lists for the ENTIRE month and hand them over and NOT GET ANY OF OUR SUPPLIES. This really pissed us off, b/c these parents are spending outrageous amounts of money...and we're not seeing it on OUR paychecks, so it has to be going somewhere...but it sure wasn't going towards classroom supplies! We were even lied to, straight to our faces, about getting more supplies...and then made to feel like we'd done something wrong.
    What ticked me off the most...was the "be sugar sweet to parents" type of philosophy they had going there. The boss scolded me once b/c I told her in front of a parent that I did not have space to accept a child I had come in during the mid-morning. (Yes, we took the ratio very seriously and it was a huge deal not to ever be even 1 over ratio!) Well, I tell my boss "Here's s0-n-so and I don't have any space left for her" in front of her mom and after the boss puts on this fake smile and "everything's fine" attitude and shifted kids around and put the child somewhere...she got on to me for even saying anything in front of the parent. I was supposed to just accept the kid, wait for the parent to be out of sight, and then call for help with my ratio. Right. It was so aggravating that we never had enough staff b/c it would mean 1/2 of my class was shifted up to 4's so that I could take 1/2 of the 2's class...which wasn't fair. I am not a 2's teacher, I am a 3's teacher! I do not have curriculum for a 2 year old! I have stuff for 3 year olds!!! It was every single day!!
    Don't get me started on the AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM. I'm seeing red just thinking about it! I recall a time when the NAEYC people came to observe us and recertify us. We had all these things that HAD to be done properly...and our classrooms had to be a certain way. Well my room was already right, b/c I took it seriously. As was my friend's 4 y/o room...we had everything we needed and didn't need to run around at the last minute to "fix" everything. The other classrooms did. Especially the AFTER SCHOOL room! The asst. director was in there for days and hours decorating and making center signs and adding stuff that went with the "theme"...well NAEYC came along and looked over everything and then awarded one classroom as the BEST room...and wouldn't you freaking know it was the AFTER SCHOOL room that won! They never had a teacher for that room...they NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER did one single lesson activity. And the fun summer program? HA! Those poor kids did not get to go to one single field trip or fun activity b/c we never had enough staff and had to have 1/2 the 4's in with the school age kids. So there was no one to do anything FUN with the school agers!! And the 4's that did go in that room just played, watched movies, and sat on computers every single day. They didn't do art, science, group time...nothing!! Their parents never even knew it.
    Shall I get into the slave work part of it?? I was making $7.50 an hour, with some college and lots of experience. I had 12 kids on my big deal...but then I was also responsible for sweeping, mopping, vaccuming, dusting, sanitizing, toilet scrubbing, sink scrubbing, and taking out trash 2x a day! Needless to say, I spent just about all of my breaks in my classroom catching up on PAPERWORK for the kids portfolios (which no other classes bothered to keep up with) and preparing for the next day's activities. I never got a break. If I wanted my classroom to be fabulous, and I did, I had to work from the time I stepped foot in that door, until the time I stepped out, after putting in at least 2 overtime hours. You would think that by the end of the day...say around 5PM when kids are leaving and your room is getting calmer...that you'd have that last hour to clean your room and prepare for the next day. WROOOONG!!! Guess what!? YOU have to take the 2's now b/c their teacher is getting off!!! WHAT!? Really?! I just cleaned up!! They would come through destroying my room because they're babies and don't understand. So I had to start leaving my room so that I could go in the 2's room...which left NO time to prepare my room for the next day. I never got to sit down. Even 7 months pregnant, outside for 2 hours a day, in the 98 degree summer...and I still was not ALLOWED to sit down because we had to constantly monitor the children.
    I could go on and on...but I won't.

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  • Be
    Beware/childcare Aug 13, 2009

    Sorry to say that what the last post said is so true. If you are a good teacher and really care the systems at Kindercare will wear you down and you either quit or you become one of the teachers that you did not like.

    The curriculums are great, but if a center director buys all the supplies needed they would be over budget. Many center directors save educational consumable money(paint, paper, etc) because they are over on payroll and need that money going to the bottomline so they can BONUS at the end of the year.

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  • Mo
    moonluna Aug 25, 2009

    I have to agree with all these posts. At the Kindercare where my daughter went (in a nice neighborhood by the way), the 2's were left alone for a long time (2 hours) by a teacher who "thought someone was coming in to relieve her", and it was only found out after another teacher looked in the room and saw they were alone! The toddlers had access to a toilet, so they could have drowned -- God help us, anything could have happened. Do you know, THEY NEVER EVEN TOLD THE PARENTS. I am not kidding you. I found out when I asked were my daughter's teacher was (she was fired over this) -- the director told me "we're letting the parents come to us". They never told the state -- nothing. This place ripped me off unmercifully as I paid for all their stupid activities like Kelsey's Adventures which I found out later my daughter wasn't even doing! They just lied about it. The teachers yelled at the kids and looked like drug addicts. The Director and Assistant Director just sat on their cans all day in the office gossiping about the parents, their CUSTOMERS. There were a few good teachers but they left quickly. I had caught them leaving my daughter alone before and I got her out of that place FAST. I took her to the Goddard School and it was the best decision I ever made -- night and day. The Goddard School is cheaper than Kindercare, folks, and it's run like a dream -- clean, safe, orderly, and with wonderful teachers. I am serious, I thought it would be horribly expensive but it's cheaper. NEVER EVER SEBD YOUR CHILD TO A KINDERCARE. They have a wonderful program ON PAPER but in reality they are a dangerous scam.

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  • Li
    lilkid86 Sep 03, 2009

    I have worked at KinderCare in CT and they are such an terrible company to work for. First off let me give you some history KinderCare Learning Center was created by a felon named Michael Milken who also created Knowledge Learning Corporation. He was bought out of KinderCare when he went to jail but the company started to go bankrupt so he bought them back causing the largest for profit daycare company in the world. That being said the company does not care about their employees because for everyone they have their are 10 waiting to fill the job outside the company. Also the parents are always right no matter what. I had a parent complain about me everyday and then finally they made up some bogus story and the company thought that it was in their best interest to let me go after 10 years of service. Well it all comes down to the parents pay the bill so they will say anything to make them stay. I would never recommend KinderCare to anyone.

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  • An
    anonymous55 Sep 25, 2009

    My child, who will only turn 4 in a few weeks, was just dis-enrolled. The problem was that she throws stuff and knocks shelves over, plus she runs out of the classroom. What are the teachers there for anyway? Children this age cannot control their anger and not all children are mellow and calm. I know my child is a handful, but to dis-enroll? My child had no problems there in the beginning so obviously she's going through a difficult phase (she's adjusting to an older kids group now). She managed to run out of the school once and that's when the director told me she's disenrolling her. I should be the one mad at them for allowing that to happen in the first place. If they keep the kids entertained and interested, the kids will not misbehave. And even if they misbehave, it's the teacher's job to educate and discipline them. I am so angry and I am looking for a place to file an official complaint. Are there laws for this kind of thing?

    My concern is that if my child was having difficulty adjusting from one classroom to another, she will have a much harder time at a new school. I told the director that they are just passing the buck and do not care on the long term impact this will have on a child. The whole misbehaving thing has been happening for 3 weeks only, no problems before that. Where's the patience, where's the concern for the child? What if I was a working mom. I'd have to quite my job. Terrible, terrible place. Completely incompetent teachers, and the price is not justified. It's like the teachers don't want to work. You can't expect all kids to be like sheep and just listen to everything you say. There are going to be kids that are rebellious and challenging. That's the difference between a real teacher and the ones who just become teachers for the benefits. Shame on them all.

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  • Op
    openbook Feb 20, 2017

    @anonymous55 it is your job as a parent to discipline your child. If she knows that she is going to be disciplined at home when she misbehaves at daycare then perhaps she would behave. She should not have been put in the older kids room if she was not ready to transition. they probably did that because there numbers were too high in the younger classroom. With sometimes 20 kids in a class it's very difficult to deal with one disruptive child who is 'knocking over shelves", "throwing thing". and running out of the classroom. I understand a child being upset but being destructive and potentially hurting another child in the process is inexcusable. As a parent you should take this behavior seriously and not expect the daycare teachers to be the ones to 'fix' our child. you need to be part of the remedy and it sounds like you just wanted them to deal with your out of control child without regard for any of the other kids that need to be supervised while your child is tearing the classroom apart and running out the door.

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  • Wo
    WoeAsYou Nov 04, 2009

    Um, benefits? I really hope you're kidding. This kind of a job is a joke. If you haven't done it yourself, you have no idea. These people don't get paid nearly enough to deal with your kids, and your own, bullsh*t. That's why turnover is so high. It seems like such a nice idea in the beginning, but really, you end up an underpaid, overworked, disrespected 'baby-sitter' of way too many children than anyone should have to handle.

    If you think it's a teacher's job to control your child, fine. But do your job as a parent, also...which should be more important. Sounds like you're the one 'passing the buck'. You're the same kind of parent who would be pissed if there was too much control as well. I know your kind, I can spot you a mile away.

    Face it; your kid sucks and isn't even worth being paid to deal with.

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  • Wo
    WoeAsYou Nov 04, 2009

    Oh, but I worked at a Goddard school, same thing. All these places are the same.

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  • Wo
    WoeAsYou Nov 04, 2009

    Also, if your child is endangering other children, yes, they will be disenrolled. Common sense, people. Please.

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  • Mr
    Mrs. Cheema Feb 19, 2010

    I agree thay work very sloppy there is no hygiene, my sons got everything even Herpes virus from Kindercare in Addison Illinois, I would NOT recommend anyone to send their children there, I am starting legal proceedings as they have even billed me wrongfully. They have no records to prove their claim and are still insiting on billing me. They do not have registrastion records they have falsified sign in sheets, they are a scam and I am going to take them to the cleaners for this.
    Staff at all teh kindercares I have visited in illinois are bad. A rotton lot of drunks and uneducated low-lifes.

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  • Do
    Done with Ignorant People Aug 03, 2010

    I have been in and out of the childcare profession (for various reasons) for the last 25 years. I have worked as a cook all the way to a Director. Most childcare facilities do not offer enough money to qualify excellent staff that parents want to see. You get what you pay for. With that being said, there are some EXCEPTIONAL teachers who do it for the love of the children and not for the money. There are raises to be had, not large ones but there are raises that can happen if they perform and are quality staff, on an annual basis. I think you all need to understand that if you want the warm home environment childcare, you need to go to a home care provider and trust that not having any other eyes on your child to protect him/her from whatever, might be your better best. But I assure you, that isn't cheap either and who holds these providers accountible. Your one is perfect..not even YOUR child. Most places have employees sign a waiver stating that there is no medical condition hindering them from performing a job in the manner with which is expected. if you are pregnant and you can't stand for long periods, you should get a Drs note. Where I worked you were not ALLOWED to sit because it was for the safety of the children. A teacher can get to them much faster if standing and patrolling the area, if you will. Know what you are talking about before you slander any company. As must think you are perfect too. I think there are several issues on this blog that need to be addressed or at the minimum, have decent understanding and non judgmental people addressing. Good luck to you in your endeavor to find the perfect environment for your perfect child!

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  • An
    anonymous55 Sep 05, 2010

    This is to WoeAsYou,
    FYI, you bitter, underpaid [censor], my kid moved to a REAL school and is doing fantastic. Whatever happened at Kindercare had left her traumatized. She was only acting out for 3 weeks and the so called teachers, and I use that term loosely, didn't want to deal with it. Throwing a book or a pankcake on the floor does not constitute as "child endangerment. " You think you sound so smart when you say "common sense people" haha. Face it, not everyone is meant to be a teacher. You don't know anything about me. I have 4 children and discipline them just fine. I'm always supportive of the teachers and take their side. I was under the impression that teachers do what's best for the kids. I was wrong here. Kids don't understand nor care about how much money teachers make. They just want attention and affection. You don't go into teaching for the money, honey. Everyone knows that. You do it because you love kids and want to help them. Sure it's easy when you tell the kids jump they say how high. But it takes a special person who is willing to help a somewhat troubled little kid, who was having a hard time adjusting to a new classroom. Stop blaming the parents and the kids because you and your kind aren’t smart enough to get a real teaching education.

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  • It
    it ain't what it seems Oct 28, 2012

    I was there several years and it changed drastically. I knew many wonderful teachers
    and went thru different directors & assistants. But for those who say it's all about the money, it sure is. Enroll, enroll, enroll. Tell prospective parents what they want to hear. When they come for pick-up, talk positive with a smile on your face, no matter what
    happened that day. Babies and children are bounced around to different classrooms
    to maintain ratio and convenience...and some parents have no clue at pick-up
    that their child was "sent back" to a younger classroom most of the day.
    Work conditions are at times unbearable for employees. You don't find out until after
    you start what will be the norm. Before you are hired, you will be told what your hours
    will probably be, but the truth you find out is that you will work anything and
    everything that works for them. You often go into work thinking you will be off at a certain
    time, but then you will be expected to work much later, because they are "short" teachers
    that day. You might work a 6-hr day or a 9-1/2 hr day. Breaks?? NEVER guaranteed.
    If your state doesn't have clear labor laws, they take advantage of that. I've
    seen teachers work 8 hour days without any break, many times. Bathroom breaks,
    HA! They often deny you that basic right. You will have to buzz the office and hope they
    won't turn off the buzzer, or if they say, "ok", realize it might be a LONG time before someone comes to relieve you. I've had hour-long waits...and they think it's funny
    when they finally get around to you.
    They play favorites, and heaven help you if you aren't one of them. Not just with staff,
    but with parents/families too! They will bend the rules for some parents, then be
    very strict on others. If you are a person of integrity who values fairness, RUN! At best,
    your job will turn very very stressful. It's one teacher to a thousand rules. That's what
    your day will be about.

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  • Vi
    Victim12345 Dec 29, 2015

    Had very bad experience with West End Kindercare, Richmond

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  • Ni
    ninalulu Apr 06, 2016

    I have worked at Kindercare in Houston Tx on Belfort and Broadway please donot send your child here. They teachers are ok. But the Director is a lier and all she do is talk about her boo that she never have. Lol she dont care about nothing. All she care about is money and her damn hours in her building. My hours always cut she didn't care her staff. She never stood up for us are anything. When we tell her we need something for the kids she will say ok but never get it. She never walked her building to see if we were all ok. All she did was sat at her desk on her phone. Even been in the classroom in baby room talking and have her legs up cross and rest them on the baby little shelf. Who does that. She never sat a good example to her staff. She never dress professional to represent her center. Oh yea and her boss Christine lol she is a hot mess too. She is the district manager and she was not better. I really hope kindercare just do more investigation on there employees more often. Especially the center and district directors.

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  • An
    Anonymous User2 Nov 12, 2018

    This place should be called Kinder Don't Care!

    Employee standpoint HORRIBLE management !!!

    The management is terrible inconsiderate and talks down to whoever they can

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