Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]customer service

Ta Oct 03, 2019

I just had the worst experience i've ever had at any fast food restaurant ever! Today is wednesday october 3rd, 2019.

I went through the drive through to order just a famous bowl. It was raining and the drive up guy was fine but he handed me a soda I didn't order so I politely said "oh this isn't mine." so he reached out and I handed it back to him then he hands me my debit card back. So then I wait for my famous bowl expecting a receipt so I could make sure he didn't accidently charge me for a soda. I pulled forward and I have no receipt in my bag. While I was waiting for my food I read the sign that say if we do not provide you with a receipt then your meal is free or you get your money back. So I called the store.

I get a lady and I state "i'm outside and I just purchased a famous bowl but I never got a receipt" so she says "oh okay hold on" puts me on hold and comes back and says "the guy said he tried to hand you a receipt but you rolled up your window." I said "that isn't true, I wouldn't be calling if I had a receipt" and I might add he had three opportunities to hand me my receipt. Anyway so she proceeds to say "I don't have time to argue with you i'm in the middle of a lunch rush". So I say "argue with you i'm the customer and your policy says I deserve to get my money back. So she says" just pull around and i'll give you your money back. So i'm like fine. But she doesn't hang up the phone and I hear her "call me a stupid [censored] and a dumb [censored] and just give her the money back dumb [censored]!"

So I pull into the store and I go inside and just started yelling for who ever can't seem to hang up the phone! I was hot! So no one is saying anything or doing anything so I say I want to speak to the manager. A larger gentleman walks over doesn't introduce himself no name tag and says "ma'am you need to calm down your yelling and cussing in front of customers!" I say "really but it's okay to call me names in front of other employee's and customers" he basically says nothing, no apologies nothing! Then I say "I want my money back" I also said i'm the nicest person you will ever meet and I have never been called such names or ever been this disrespected ever!. So he just walks away and goes back to his business and this little girl comes up to the register and says nothing and hands me $4.00 and.99 cents! She didn't ask if I had a penny so I could of get $5 back. She never gave me eye contact or say a word other wise. Just dropped the money in my hands and walked away.

So needless to say I will never return to kfc and I have already told 3 people and they will never go to that kfc ever again either! Just extremely disappointed in everyone in the situation. I could of handled it way worse. So I hope something happens and maybe the next person won't get called names when they call in off of your employee's mistake!

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