Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]chicken strips wedges 3 piece and 2 piece breast and wing and a 10 piece 3 days before the other visit

I went through the drive thru ordered Original recipe the food was the WORST I HAVE EVER HAD FROM Kentucky tried chicken the Wedges were Burned and most of them were a lump not Wedges but potatoes limited chicken was burned also to hard to eat only thing eatable was the cookie in the strip meal the other meal was just as bad and the biscuits were smashed in both but there wasn't no cookie in the 2 piece my dogs had a hard time and one is a Terrier I called the place I bought it from and the person didn't seem Shocked by What I said about the food a few days prior my mother-in-law picked up a 10 piece for me since they were going to Magic Mountain and that was Re Heated or cooked multiple times I only ate 2 pieces of that we will not visit that Specific place again we will buy from the White Ln franchise I only hope some one visits and make those employees and owners Bring Back The Quality of what Kentucky Fried Chicken is Supposed to be, I'm in my Late 50's and some of my best memories are going to church on Sunday then Buying a Couple of Buckets of Chicken and on sunny days having a Picnic and eaten lots of Your Delicious Chicken Please Bring Back Your Quality of Food.
[protected] [protected] Anthony Senteno Sr:

Sep 27, 2019

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