Kentucky Fried Chicken Taco Bellincorrect and missing items from order. consistent overcharging.

F Aug 05, 2019 Review updated:

Our Kentucky Fried Chicken is also a Taco Bell. Today, at approximately 11:30 AM, I ordered six items from the Value Menu at $1.00 each ( two beef mini quesadillas, two shredded chicken mini quesadillas, and two beefy Frito burritos) and was charged $8.89 for five items. Six items if you count they charged $1.20 for two onions on the side (website says onions are a $0.10 item for beefy mini quesadillas). They couldn't count to two on the beef Fritos burritos.

This is also a problem on the KFC side. Last week, Tuesday, August 30th, at 11:00 AM, I ordered the 12 piece Crispy Tenders bucket and ended up being charged $32.00 for it. The whole purpose of ordering 12-pieces is the website said you would receive apromotional 4-piece Cinnabon biscuits free. I was promptly told they don't give away Cinnabon biscuits so if I wanted some, I would need to pay $4.99 extra for them. I thought $32.00 for a box of 12 pieces of tenders, and severeal of them (four) were broken and weren't even of fair size, was a little excessive!

So, in short, That's the end of business between me and KFC/Taco Bell. The only thing worth getting from them is their cole slaw, and I can make it as good as theirs at home. It just takes a little effort.


  • SubSquirrel Aug 05, 2019

    Never have heard of “Kentucky Friend Chicken” so it might be a regional restaurant

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