Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]service

R Oct 05, 2019 Review updated:

i went there at 11 am Oct. 5th, and order bucket of chicken and a pot pie. The cashier there was very rude to begin with. I told her I was hearing impaired and could not understand her. I kept asking her what she said and for the price. She got irate when I kept asking . She finally yelling at me and I told her yelling won;t help me hear her any better. she made some comment that I could not understand and threw my change at me and walked away without me finish. They stack my food in a grossly way. I was too upset to deal with this. I am retired after 45 years and was in customer service myself for 35 years. I been to many KFC stores and was never treated this way. I even went to this store many time with no issues. But there is always different people working there and this woman and her crew were very rude and disrespectful. The other KFC is too far from me so I guess I will start going to another chicken place that near me.


  •   Oct 05, 2019

    If she can’t understand you, you can’t blame her for her frustration.

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