Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]general manager

D Dec 17, 2019

The general manager at this location is the worst i've seen. I been coming to this location for years always enjoyed the service until recently. I never heard a head manager threaten or lie so bad, the way he talks to the employees and his other managers is so rude and disrespectful, I stopped coming unless I see the young shift leader there. I think the head people of this store need to do a visit and have a big meeting with all employees so they can voice their opinions. How did he get to be head of a store with that nasty attitude and way of speaking to anyone. Need to watch the leader of the store cause it's going down as long as he's running it. The only one i've seen at least keep it together is the young shift leader. My husband and I have watched this lady on bad days with not much help keep it together and smile. Polite and the workers are at ease with her, they work like a team and get it done.

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