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P Dec 04, 2018
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I love kendra scott and Ive loved and more Her jewlery for many years and NEVER had an issue. But this past week was the worst. Due to the useage of kendra scott earings, my right earlobe has split. I emailed the customer service stating this incident, and no once helped me at all, i am going to pursue legal action because Due to kendra scott, i have to have plastic surgery. Very dissapointed and damaged for the rest of my life thanks to Kendra Scott.


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    Nikatnight Jan 17, 2020
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    Unlike tours who have read this, I must chime in on this to say...

    OMG, Are you serious???

    Pause your litigious mindset for a sec and look at yourself as you say that out loud. So, did Kendra Scott hold a gun to your head and say WEAR TTHESE OR ELSE?? Did she tell you they are guaranteed not to pull your ears down and declare them to be gravity-resistant? Maybe you could make Gravity a co-defendant..

    Please...You knew they were heavy but still chose to wear them. day in and day out. Duh, what did you think would happen???

    Are you, by chance, related to the lady who sued mcdonalds for serving her hot coffee, when she ordered hot coffee to begin with? She knew damn well it was hot coffee. Your last sentence should read " Very disappointed and damaged for the rest of my life because I chose to wear enormous, heavy-ass earrings all the time."

    This would be one frivolous lawsuit. It is prolly the most stupid thing Ive read today. You might review the BIG BOOK OF LIFE, Chapter 03: Accountability for MYSELF AND MY CHOICES.

    But hey, wait a minute! My new Doc Martens gave me 2 blisters and a corn on my toes. I think I will sue them! It is their fault I have to wear bandaids on my feet and will have faint scars forever.

    You think there's a jury or a judge out there that will agree with you??? yeeaahh. ok.

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