Kay Jewelersruined opal

F Aug 12, 2019

I sent my fiances ring in for a resizing and when the ring came back we realized that the opal did not look the same. I let the associate know my concerns and he said well ill polish it and it migt just be the lighting. So i said ok and went on my way. When i returned it to my fiance she noticed that the opal wasnt the same as well. I went back and asked about it again to which another associate replied there was nothinghe can do about it. Well today I finally decided to return to Kay and look for a matching earring set, but at a different location, where another associate told me that the opal was ruined due to heat exposure and that they should have been able to fix the problem or replace the stone for me. He also mentioned the associate who handled the resizing process should have taken pictures of when the ring was sent out and when it returned to prevent this type of problem. I never seen pictures and the aaociates at Chandler Fashion were very rude about it telling me there was nothing that can be done. What can be done about this?

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