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B Dec 26, 2019 Review updated:

I got a pair earrings for Christmas I do not like them so I had a gift receipt with the earrings and I went to Kay jewelers in Rochester Minnesota at Apache mall at around 930 the two ladies in there we're not very pleasant at all I said I have a return and I have a gift receipt they took me over to the register looking up stuff she looks at me and says do you have the card that this was put on I said it's a gift receipt no I don't have the card it was a gift she said well we can mail you a check and I said no I'm not having a check mailed to me when I have the actual receipt that's a gift receipt she said we haven't had any customers yet today so we don't have any cash in our drawer to return any product and give cashback oh my god that makes no sense so what if I would come in there with two $100 bills and buy a product or a pair of earrings or something for 150 I couldn't get change back therefore I cannot buy the earrings because you cannot give change I am so unhappy with K jewelers and their attitude it is not even funny so I could not return my earrings!!! there's a reason I do not shop at kay jewelers and I will never shop at K jewelers ever Beverly Hundorf [protected] [protected]


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      Dec 26, 2019

    Honestly you sound like a stubborn child. Do you not understand English, she clearly told you why she could not issue you the refund. I am sure she was equally unhappy with YOUR attitude.

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