Kay Jewelerscustomer service

T Sep 29, 2019

I am not usually one to complain about a company or store. However, I am becoming increasingly frustrated! First was when I was looking to upgrade my wedding set. I ended up working with the manager and he worked up numbers for me to take to my husband to discuss and they set the setting aside for me. However, when I went back to make the purchase the numbers were not matching. So, after waiting in the store for an hour I left without upgrading. Then, the following day the manager (that was not there the previous day) called me to inform me that "my" (the customer using the numbers he gave me-I had him sign and date the paper he did the work up on) were wrong and if I wanted this set, this is the price. When I questioned the fact that he did the work up and signed it. He offered nothing. So, I told him I was not purchasing them. In an hour be called me back and said he found where the mistake was (saying it was the computer). This makes me question how many other times "the computer" is having a problem?
The next time I went to this same store, thinking what I need done is not being done there, so what does it matter which store I take it to. I was told my rings would be back on Sept 24th. I never heard anything and then called on the 25th and was told it didn't ship out on time so it should be back in the next day or so. I waited until today (the 29th) to call again. Was informed that it would be on tomorrow morning. I asked why is it a week late? She said because it needed have a supervisor's okay because the prong was scratched and they didn't write that down on the paper. The whole reason I took it in was to get the prong fixed because the diamond was loose. I am so frustrated that I do not trust that store that is only 20 minutes from my house and will now need to go to the one that is 45 minutes away. I feel like I am always being lies to! So discouraged! I have always used Kay's and love the jewelry, but everytime I go her it makes me want to start going to a different company altogether!

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