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B May 08, 2019

We visited the Moab KOA April 30-May 2nd. When we showed up there was no sand pad for our tent as it was stated on the website. We asked to check out and did. After going around town we realized everywhere else was full and decided to just deal with the tent site. Originally I paid $150 for our stay. When we re-checked in my card was charged $176. Later that night when it rained there was a river flowing through our site(and multiple others) that eventually ended and looked around an RV at the bottom. I went to the office and the lady said it was because of the rewards card she thought we originally purchased but didn't. I also voiced my concerns about the tent site and her reply was "we have never gotten a complaint before". After clearing up the rewards confusion with her she said the rewards card amount would be refunded. That evening we saw employees fixing some of the other sites that had the water flowing through it and where it polled by the RV but they never fixed our site. When we returned home I checked out account to make sure it was corrected and it wasn't. I called the KOA to tell them the refund was never issued they apologized and did the refund again. A couple days later a check the account and there is no refund and a new $16 charge. I called again to get it handled. I spoke with Danielle and she said she would try to get it figured out and I never got a return call. I called back a few days later to again try to get a refund and spoke with Joan. She told me the refund was sent and the $16 extra charge is valid but couldn't tell me how. In the middle of asking her to explain again she hung up on me. Confused I called back and a manager named Gary answered the phone and said the money equaled out because our stay was a little more when they re-reserved it the day of versus when I had paid ahead of time. I asked him why it took so many people and being hung up on to explain something so simple and he stated he did not have any more time to talk to me and hung up. I have had many experiences with different companies but never one like this with such horrible customer service from more than one employee. This was our first experience with a KOA and it has not been good.

Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]

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