Kaiser Permanente ER in Panorama City, CAer visit for 2 health issues that were not addressed properly

J Jul 06, 2019

I am writing this complain about my visit to the ER at Kaiser Permamente at 1am on July 4th. I went there because my edema in my feet was very bad and have been having much pain in left side abdomen for almost 2 weeks. The nurse that helped me was nice her name was Rehme. But then I was assigned this doctor named Lam Grace who at first thought she was nice but really was a nice act she puts on with fake smile on. She comes in room after the nurse takes care of me asking about why I was there.

So I proceed tell her about haw badly swollen my feet are from the edema and that has been getting worse. Then i told her about the pain in my abdomen that this also has been getting worse with more pain not going away. I told her about past abdomen problems a bulge near that area and had some diverticulitis also near that area over a year ago. She lift up my gown and pressed on my abdomen in a few areas and thats all she did about that. She made me take my socks off look at my feet pressed on them sto see indents ands say to elevate them which I already do daily and to wear compression stockings and thats all she did about that.

Then she say well ok we will do blood work to check a few things and maybe do a scan or xray. Then she leave my room. The nurse then draws 5 viles of blood out of my arm then she leaves. The about 30 mins later this tech comes in tells me hes going to take me down for xrays of my chest. I told him the problem is not in my chest my heart is fine, the problem is here in my abdomen and I showed his the area that has pain. He said ok I will go ask them so I guess he found the doctor and she said yes go take xrays of his chest and I was confused and baffled by this.

So he take me down to get 3 xrays the n brings me back and I wait for over an hour. Then the doctor comes in and tells me well your blood tests came back and everything looks good and there is no problems in your chest. I am still wondering why she keeps avoiding talking abaout my pain in my abdomen. Then she leaves and i wait some more. Then the nurse comes back and tells me you will be going home soon now I am really kinda getting upset because nothing really was dont about my feet or my abdomen.

So I am waiting there and then another lady comes in with a EKG machine says going to take EKG readings with the wires and little things they stick on you to read electrical impluses. I said ok and thought I dont really need this either as my heart is fine. She did the test and said the Doctor will be in after a while to tell you the results. I wait some more then the doctor comes in with her fake smile on and says your EKG looks good and says the nurse will be in soon with your go home paperwork . I then said to her and touched my abdomen and asked her I say what if this area keeps hurting and gets worse, she said with fake smile you can alwayts come back here or go see your primary doctor.

The doctor leave then 15 minutes later the nurse comes in with my paperwork says a few things. I put her on the spot and I said I am concerned and upset that the doctor avoided doing anything about my abdomen at all. I said what if I go home and something pops in there. The nurse stumbled to find any words to say I said this doctor was wrong and should have xray or CTscan my abdomen to see whats wrong in there. She leaves and I get dressed take my bags of stuff walk down the hall and check out.

This doctor did not do anything about my really bad swollen feet either. Other times when I came to the ER about my bad swollen feet the would give me lasix ( water pill ) but in liquid form right through my veins which works very fast compared to taking pills and home that hardly do anything. The doctor did not offer me any relief on my feet either. So now its July 5th and and I am worse than when I went to the ER my feet are horribly swollen and painful and this pain in my side is worse than ever. I been with Kaiser Permanente since 2007 and looking back I really regret ever staying with them this long. I will say that because I decided to stay with them my health is bad and worse than its ever been. Here is my advice to anyone, dont ever use Kaiser if you have Kaiser get the hell out run as fast as you can and never look back !!!

So I wasted money for taxi can trip to and from there this night and wasted and bunch of hours waiting for them to call me into the ER then when I get in ther they did little or nothing to help the 2 problems i went in there for !!!

er visit for 2 health issues that were not addressed properly

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