Kaiser Permanentedr. paul sueno

B Nov 14, 2019

My first (and last) visit on 11.11.2019 was with dr Paul sueno at Capitol hill in Seattle came in to room with a very abrupt attitude, sat down at the computer (no eye contact) and riddled me with questions. I asked him if we were going to look through my MRI and he stopped and told me if I only want to go by the mri I could find another doctor. he said this to me twice. I was stunned by the treatment of this man. when I asked about my health issues and my job he said that he could not help me. he does no paperwork and to find a different job. I found his demeanor to be very callous. he did not care about my health issues or my concerns at all. I really wish that I would of said yes to find another dr.. but I was stunned by his treatment of me. I have never once in my thirty years with group health, receive the kind of treatment from any doctor. I refuse to see him again. I am almost positive that this is not the first complaint this doctor has received. I hope that my opinion counts andmy concerns are heard. thank you

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