JPS Asset Management Incboulder ridge apartments

K Nov 29, 2017

The property management company who over sees the apartment complex can never be reached because they do not have a phone # available, only and a general email for information. The problem is no one every responds to the emails either. Many tenants have tried to reach the company about current management on property and about safety issues and the problem with crime and gangs here.

Management ignores the problem and does nothing about it. The only reason they will evict you here is if you do not pay rent. Other than that they don't care. They recently hired security company for nights but a lot of the issues happen before they come on duty and the office staff refuses to take action.

JPS has also been advised of several issues here regarding assaults, theft and safety concerns as well as the current staffs inability to address these issues and the fact that they are rude and hateful people. One leasing agent has moved half her family onto the property and I can tell you they do not pay the same rate we do

management rules here have always been no socializing with tenants and unless you live here you are not suppose to be here after hours. Neither of those two rules seem to apply to the current office staff. The office always closes early because they just leave. 5:3o is early enough for people who work but they leave anywhere between 4-5:00 pm most days and are never open on the weekends... which makes it very difficult to talk to someone. You have to walk in if you want to talk to someone because they hardly ever answer the phone or return messages. They have caller ID to screen calls so they don't have to talk to people they call problem tenants because they complain a lot. Its frustrating enough to have to deal with the staff not doing their job but when the management company itself will not step in and help there is no one e3lse to complain to since we do not know who the owners of the property are.

a 13 year old girl with special needs was hit in the head several times by a 17 yr old on property with a dozen witnesses. the mom wanted to call the police but the office said they would handle it...they did nothing. there are gangs of kids that group up and fight each other on a regular basis, and the office knows where these kids live but they do nothing! they never hand out violation notices for noise or fights or anything else really. I was told by the manager myself when complaining about partying neighbors that they could not afford to evicty

At lreast past management tried to get this place cleaned up and she was let go because she evicted to many people and that brought down their profit margin... so now we have people that do nothing at all. The manager herself admitted that they cant evict anyone because they need the money right now. So they do not even hand out lease violations either for noise and partys or any kind of thing except non payment of rent. This place should be shut down by the city for being a nuisance property because the police are often called here every day.

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