Jim Fennelly and Brenda Ventrillo of Hire Quality Restorations in Windham, NHcontractor - remodel of residence bathrooms

K Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

BUYER BEWARE. I had to write this report because in good conscience, I would never want anyone to go through the hell that we were put through by hiring Jim. If I can save one person from the stress that my family went through then I will be satisfied. We signed an agreement with Jim Fennelly of Hire Quality Restorations on April 3, 2018 for him to remodel two of our home's bathrooms. We called a reference, reviewed pictures and my husband knew him during childhood to boot!! What a huge mistake! I had to let him go on or around July 16th because at that point, no even ONE of the bathrooms was complete -in four months! I was SO fed up with him and his continuous excuses at that point. For one, he NEVER worked a full day of work while here.

In that, I mean that he maybe worked 2-3 hours a day and showed up at the crack of 1:30pm on good days! He made excuses every day that he had to go pick up materials in ungodly places, traffic was bad (he lives in the next town over), went to lunch (and never came back) etc...

Said he would bring help that never came, etc. You name the excuse, we literally heard all of it. Every single day it was 'give me until this date, now give me until this date, etc.. It was never ending and so very stressful. I had a few 'coming to Jesus' meetings with him to let him know how dissatisfied we were of his work ethic. He continued to make promises to us. The only thing that went succinctly was him and his 'business partner' cashing our checks. Mind you we paid a good sum of money (3/4 of the contract) up front and to this date, we still have not received the materials we purchased nor any money back for the services that were not performed. This after several opportunities negotiating with him and our offer to take less than what we are owed!! Now he wants money from us. I can't even.

Another promise that he made to us was that he didn't take any other jobs during this time. Well guess what, I see the other report written on this site around the same time as he was 'doing' our remodel. Scarily enough, her report of his antics is literally exactly what we went through. He also lied about having a contract at a tile company. I called them to find out where our tiles were and they said that they never even heard of him! He was trying to upsell us on tiles that he purchased at a discount. Mind you, we don't even have these tiles although they were paid for - by us.

Now on to the quality of work - ugh... We had another assessment of the work he did by a licensed contractor and I can't even begin to tell you the flaws that were found. No, not cosmetic, but structural! Didn't use the right green-board backing in our bathroom (so it is easy to say that we will have mold in a few years), had to redo the shower twice using low-grade tiles (not at all the ones I wanted) that are not fully grouted, crooked and cracked. The floors are uneven and one of them because he didn't rip up all of the tiles on the subfloor nor even remove the debris!! The floors weren't even swept before the floor went down (like how long does that take??). He trimmed our shower by putting nails into nothing. yes you read that right. Nothing. When he put the trim in, it wasnt even mitered first and now it doesn't even reach to the end of the window. I could go on and on. Did we do enough due diligence, we thought so, did we give him the benefit of the doubt, yes, did we give him numerous opportunities to step up to the plate - most definitely. Did he? No... Not at all.
We had to work hard to save up the money for this and Jim just took it from us. Made so many promises and none of them were kept. Knowing that he did it to someone else makes me feel so bad. It was the one big remodel we were looking forward to. But he crushed that dream. I'd show you pictures but I am literally embarrassed. Buyer Beware. Don't go through what we went through with Jim at Hire Quality Restorations in Windham, NH...


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    digid6 Nov 22, 2018

    we are the other couple he took from us you are referring to in the other complaint. He was horrible and the story is verbatim to ours. If you want to join us in suing him please let us know. email us at (code)[email protected] He completely disappeared from us after pleading with him to finish the project.

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  • Ke
    KelPel Jul 22, 2019

    @digid6 Thank you for reaching out and my apologies for not seeing this until now. We are working through the NH small claims court and it's a 'process' for sure.

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  • Ja
    Jag-m Jan 05, 2020

    @KelPel We had the IDENTICAL experience with Jim Fennelly. My husband knew him from years ago and his work looked great! We took Them to small claims court in Mass and they never showed. The address of the business was a strip mall.
    So disappointing and we had to hire other people to finish what he started

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