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Jeff Schlansky CA-RealtyJeff Schlansky Is An Excellent Property Manager

Jeff Schlansky and CA-Realty have done an excellent job managing my properties and I want to offset a negative review by an old tenant of his. I have been a landlord for 25 years now. I turned my properties over to Jeff because I was sick and tired of dealing with all the issues, lies and manipulations. I don't know how these guys deal with it on a daily basis. I have been with Jeff and his company for 6 years now and I think they do a great job. They deal with issues promptly and everything runs smoothly. When I was managing my properties myself, I came to realize that the tenants who complain the most are the ones most likely not to pay the rent and the most likely to destroy your property. They have a victim mentality and don't realize that if you are a good tenant you are treated well. If you are a bad tenant everyone is going to come down hard on you. Keep up the good work CA-Realty.


  • Bu
    Burned Renter Nov 10, 2018

    Jeff Schlansky of CA Realty is an unethical property manager with a criminal record. This speaks not only to how he does business but his character. If you rent from CA Realty you will not have a positive experience, even if you are a perfect renter. They do not provide a “professionally cleaned” home upon move in and will find any excuse or threat to not return your full security deposit. Bottom line, rent from a reputable property manager/management company or you will have a bad experience. Guaranteed.

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  • Ji
    jipped1954 Nov 17, 2013

    On top of everything else, CA Realty in Temecula, has Jeff Schlansky impersonating a licensed broker. He’s been doing it for years, his “broker” license on the website isn’t his. It’s Kathleen Parsons’ license. The delayed reactions time to owner calls and e-mails. Jeff’s failure to promptly send out funds, despite his worthless “guarantee to pay even if the rent isn’t paid”. Jeff constantly tacking on excessive and unexpected fees (especially maintenance fees). Then, when he finally does do something, it’s incompetent, slow, shoddy and overpriced. He takes so flippin’ long to get a tenant; it can only be so he collect more application fees and pocket more money. Then, when Jeff finally does place a tenant – they’re the lowest quality you can possibly get! The when I talk to my tenants all is hear is:

    • They take forever to even acknowledge a maintenance request, so more damage is done and I PAY MORE!
    • My tenants feel totally ignored and if they complain, they’re yelled at and told they’re drug dealing trash.
    • Man can’t seem to hold onto any staff – so I assume he’s just as much a jerk to them.
    • The more complaints sent into him the more upset he becomes and the more explosive and colorful the show he puts on is.
    • And, that only happens if you can get him hold of the creep!
    • Every tenant’s that left has said he steals their security deposit; so, nobody wants to rent the units.
    • He’s inconsistent with the enforcement of the lease violations, fees and evictions; which, exposes me to litigation!
    • Has NO genuine interpersonal skills – either gets his way or he’s flippin’ lunatic.
    • Rude, condescending, etc.

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  • Re
    Responsible Renter Oct 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We just moved out of a property managed by CA Realty, namely Jeff Schlansky. We lived at the property a little over a month, and had to break our lease because of a family emergency, and after agreeing verbally over the phone with Jeff that we would forfeit our deposit and wouldn't need to pay anything additional except for the months we were there. CA Realty listed the house, and had 3 months to find new renters. They repeatedly denied interested renters even the opportunity to submit an application, and unless you called literally 10 times, you NEVER heard back from anyone. When we moved out we were told to have our original realtor who found us the property do our move out inspection, and then was called and told that I was supposed to have someone else do it, even though we had already left the property. The owners left the original paint for us to do touch ups (it was labeled for each room to avoid confusion which I thought was amazing), and after we touched up a few places we realized the the paint didn't match exactly, but were told that was the only paint we were allowed to use. This company treats their renters like dirt, (I'm sure Jeff will comment saying we broke our lease and we were horrible tenants, even though we kept the place IMMACULATE, had no pets, and were never late on rent) and was even told over the phone by their receptionist that she knew they were horrible with communication (as she is the one I spoke with the most) and she would never rent from them. Just awful all around. I wish I could give negative stars. Oh and don't bother calling to get things fixed, I called literally 15 times about our garbage disposal, an ant infestation, and plumbing issues with NO response from anyone. It's not called being demanding if you're simply asking your property management company to help MANAGE the property you've rented from them! Find somewhere else to rent from.

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  • Do
    Dorichey May 13, 2013

    Absolutely the worst people to deal with! Jeff Schlansky is rude, argumentative and aggressive. Doreen, one of the secretaries is a liar and senile(but don't worry, she is a God fearing woman.) So be prepared to be yelled at and ridiculed by Jeff when his assistants make mistakes. The whole office of people can't get anything straight. They called us about 4 months in to tell us we were not allowed to have a boat parked in front our our home, but we do not have a boat, nor a driveway, they called the wrong people. They never get anything right, and everything is a huge ordeal to get straight because none of the women in his office keep track of who has talked to whom. One of the dead giveaways is never being able to meet any of these people when you first move in. There is no office, and you are expected to do the walk-through yourself. Then you will also be expected to drop off your rent every month to some unsecured box in a random postal annex. They use this postal annex as their address since they work out of a home. Please BEWARE!

    Do not use CA-Realty as your property management company, tenants are mistreated, and I doubt you, as the owner, even see the money they take from the deposit. If you are a renter, stay away from properties managed by this joke-of-a-company.

    If you are already have to deal with these people, make sure you note that you do not need to pay extra fees if they are not in your lease. Look your lease over and be smart about it.

    ***Please report Jeff Schlansky to the California Department Of Real Estate if you are not happy with the way you were treated or his work ethics*****

    You can go here:…

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  • Cu
    Current Renter Jan 09, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE CROOKS at CA-Realty in Temecula, CA! Their customer service is dreadful and I regret ever signing a lease with these thief's. They have no regard for the renters that live in the homes they manage. Their main goal is to collect the rent and reduce the amount the owners have to spend on substandard repairs to the homes we rent from them. Stay away from CA-Realty

    From day 1 we have had nothing but difficulties with CA-Realty and their maintenance staff. Upon moving in our dishwasher was not operable, the garbage disposal was leaking water and not working, and all of the exterior motion lights were broken and both toilets continued to run after flushing and no amount of jiggling the handle would fix it. I even tried to adjust the pump and chain, no luck. Also the floors being disgustingly caked with grease and grime from years of not being cleaned properly as the tile is heavily textured. It took them over a week to get someone out to “inspect” the problems with the dishwasher and then another week or so to actually come out to replace them. The garbage disposal and the dishwasher were replaced with equivalent items, however the motion lights were only replaced with very cheap standard lights. I’ll deal with that. The toilets were never fixed, a new handle was put on and the chain adjusted and toilets continued to leak and leak resulting in $140 water bill the first month in the house. My Husband and I had to fix the toilets ourselves because they refused to fix it correctly. We asked that the cleaning company they used be sent out to clean the floors and we were told that if we wanted them cleaner that we would have to pay to have someone steam clean it was not their responsibility. So I spent the next several days on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor myself.

    We moved into the house in March 2012 and as soon as the warmer months hit we noticed a problem with the HVAC unit. The front bedroom was not cooling at all, on days when the temperature was over 100 degrees it was equally as hot in the front bedroom which is my Daughter’s room. I made several calls and so did my husband requesting to have someone sent out to make repairs. It took them a month just to have someone “inspect” the problem and make a recommendation for repair and then another 2 months to get out and finally do the repair all while we were just throwing money away trying to cool the room with no avail! After the duct was enlarged and the grille was changed there was a slight increase in cool air flow.

    Now fast forward to Jan. 2013, the exhaust fan in the main bathroom has not been operable since we moved into the home almost a year ago. So rather than waste our time and energy trying to get the buffoons from CA-Realty to repair it my husband decided to do the work. When he removed the fan there was hundreds of mouse droppings and a lovely dried mouse carcass stuck to the exhaust fan mounting plate. YES A DRIED MOUSE CARCASS! See the photo… I immediately called CA-Realty and left a message to have an immediate call back. They did call and I spoke with Brenda, I demanded that I have someone out to the house TODAY to inspect the problem and provide a resolution to the matter, as my children and husband and I had been breathing in this vial mouse crap and dead mouse bodies for almost a year. She said that a request would be put in but she could not tell me when they would have someone out. I demanded that they send someone today or I would call someone and deduct it from my rent she told me that it would result in late fees. I asked her if she would wait if it was in her home. She didn’t respond. I demanded to talk to Jeff Schlansky owner of CA-Realty, what a mistake! Jeff got on the phone and I explained my issues with breathing and bathing in a mouse infested restroom and he said that a dried up mouse carcass and dropping were NOT a health hazard and he would have someone out there when they could get it scheduled. I explained to him that I wasn’t taking that for an answer as it took 3 months to fix the AC unit. He then proceeded to tell me that if we were so unhappy that we should give him a 30-day notice and move out! I’m sorry you don’t have a soul Jeff but to tell someone that has been unknowingly living with this in the house they rent from you and your Slum Lord company that is not correct response. I AM LIVID! The audacity! I hope ever prospective renter with CA-Realty in Temecula, Murrieta or surrounding cities will read this and think twice about renting from CA-Realty and their substandard owners. Any owner that would entrust their investment and integrity to this ### Jeff Schlansky (Jeffrey Schlansky) should also think twice.

    California Realty Group
    27636 Ynez Rd. L-7
    Temecula, CA 92591
    Business: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    [email protected]

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  • Jo
    john merrick Dec 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just moved into my property a week ago and everyone I've spoken to over there has given me a headache. Definitely should have gone with other options. Please, do not rent any properties from this company.

    Just a heads up on his contract (and no, they don't change any of it because "that's not how they work"):
    Late fee is $150!
    They will come in for inspection at 6 months for a 1 year lease.
    YOU have to replace the house air filter. (Never heard of this before)

    When I moved in, the house was generally clean except for some issues with the carpet (some areas not cleaned) and dust on a lot of the windows. I spoke with Jeff and let him know my concerns the day after I finished moving in. He didn't reply with "well let's figure this out" or "I'll come take a look". This is what he replied with:
    "spoke with owner and they had the home professionally cleaned and the carpets professionally cleaned."
    I spoke with him over the phone and with Sandra and both of them simply stated to me that they're taking the owners word, and that's that. I'm still responsible to have the house "professionally" cleaned when I leave.

    I requested a walk through with them this week (they don't normally do walk through's) because I'll be gone for the next 2 weeks and didn't want any issues of who-did-it. Their reply was that's not their normal procedure and to "trust them".
    I can already tell that it's going to be fun dealing with Jeff and his team. They make it obvious that they work for the owner's money, not for you. DO NOT RENT FROM HIM. There are other options in Temecula. Go with

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  • To
    Toog99 Dec 19, 2012

    Any positive comments having to do or connected with Jeff Shlansky are likely written by himself. There could be no other way. He is one of the worste God awful people to deal with I have ever met in my life. ...believe me that is saying something. They have no office because he is afraid people will find him.

    I beg you... do not have anything to do with Ca REALTY . Even his office staff can't stand working with this maniac. They have all communicated in confidence they're feelings.

    The happiest day of my life was the day I moved away from his madness. We were good tenants and wanted nothing but to deal with actual owner directly. Shlansky will forge owners signatures, and make up any story to terrorize your life. Please run!!!

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  • Fa
    Fastperry Oct 24, 2012

    I have been a renter in Temecula and Murrieta for the past 14 years. I have experienced many different property managers and most of them were horrible. I won't name names. I also understand that tenants can be horrible. I suspect the above commenter was a horrible one. I thought Jeff Schlansky and his company did a great job. I am currently in another rental and I made a mistake in leaving Jeff's property but the owner decided to sell. Jeff was always fair with me and I thought he was a good guy. His office is well run and whenever we needed repairs they were done properly. When I moved out I did what they told me on my initial inspection and I received my full deposit back promptly. Also, I don't know what the guy above is talking about no office. They do have a mail drop but I was at the office many times.

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