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L Aug 02, 2018

I got billed for $.13. From what I could make out from talking to someone in your customer service, there was confusion on the amount I owed, and what I payed. I can't believe that JCP is that hard up for money, that they would bill me for $.13. As much as I shop at your stores, and what I drop in money, that I would get a bill for lousy $.13. From talking to the lady, she told me that I had until 16/19 Aug 18 to pay the $.13, and they wanted the money. From this, I will start being frugal about shopping at any JCP from now on and how much money I spend. I always pay my bills on time, and I pay at least 4 sometimes 5 times the amount that I owe.

A very UNHAPPY customer.

Linda Coleman

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